How Could They Mess Up This Bad... Again - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 1

2020年11月 8日
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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favourite PC system integrators. Let's see how they did.
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  • 12:40-12:43 "purching" not purchasing?

    shadow razushadow razu小时 前
  • Corsair One is on origin website lel. Also it costs 3K USD

    Discord DiscordDiscord Discord小时 前
  • Dude, you should never get a Dell.

    ep1k ;-;ep1k ;-;2 小时 前
  • "Fortnite, PUBG also..." Wait what year was this video made... *3 Weeks Ago* Oh...

    CDDevelopmentCDDevelopment3 小时 前
  • I wanna know what Dell has to say about this because it is DISGUSTING! The upselling of warranties is annoying but then to add it after its been refused is absolutely trash.

    MenickcMenickc5 小时 前
  • I swear I have actually been on a call with this guy before and all you can hear is the rooster. I asked the exact same thing and he gave me the exact same answer. "Yes there is roosters, because they have us working from home." omg lol

    Tech_op7Tech_op78 小时 前
  • i got fired working in a pc store because someone asked if i could build them a pc an stuff......... i asked what games they wanted to play an stuff an ended up saving them over half there budget......... also losing the store money..........i have a problem selling things to people for big profit........ i learned that it wasnt the job for me........ id rather fix an rapair ur stuff for free than charge for it ........... i enjoy it too much to charge

    Osiris GamesOsiris Games9 小时 前
  • alright, im almost 7 minutes into the video, took 2 smoking breaks cause the dell support trying to upsell their stuff was triggering me sooooooooo bad.... hope it wont get worse

    CreepyLalaCreepyLala11 小时 前
  • The most Linus thing I've ever seen, insulting your previous sponsors merchandise.

    mako kimotomako kimoto13 小时 前
  • yes, i would love to walk around with linus on my phone. thats not creepy at all, no sir.

    Dustin FakeDustin Fake17 小时 前
  • I had to deal with Dell when trying to replace a screen on my G7 17", called 6 times, 6 different answers, finally a rep gave me the actual part number and I found a panel on ebay. Even then I was asked about warranty on the laptop not even for the part.

    Max DMax D17 小时 前
  • Linus needs to do one but use a voicemod

    Just DannJust Dann21 小时 前
  • Na, I'd say if buying computer slightly read some on it and ask on some legit forum for advice, or a very trustworthy online site (inet in sweden, in my opinion). I paid about 1300 USD total half year ago for GTX 1660 super, Ryzen 5 (3600 or something), 2x8GB ram, 500gb M.2, 4TB HDD. It works for all games I tried play including recording etc, so happy of it. However I'd like put some more RGB into it lol.

    Emil NEmil N22 小时 前
  • This is brutal.

    Alexander KnightAlexander Knight23 小时 前
  • It sucks that NZXT doesn't have a phone line cause they are hands down the best company to buy a pre built.

    LathermeinsyrupLathermeinsyrup23 小时 前
  • I just ordered a pc from I buy power with a 3070. Do you guys want to see how that one looks?

    Miguel OMiguel O23 小时 前
  • Support that acts like ibuypower is worse than Dell blatantly trying to sell you something you don’t want. Thank you so much for this video!

    MK 2109MK 2109天 前
  • wow Dell is a joke and seems to rely on its customers not actually knowing that they're buying, sounds like a cheap indian call centre, shame dell..... shame!

    Samuel AubreySamuel Aubrey天 前
  • Fun fact CyberpowerPC is actually owned by iBuyPower!

    colebolebolecolebolebole天 前
  • You don't think that computer sales people are technically knowledgeable do you? Computer companies make more profit off the warranty and financing than they do the hardware. All new computers come with a 1-year hardware warranty.

    Jay BrownJay Brown天 前
  • He should have used agent

    Joseph LaliberteJoseph Laliberte天 前
  • I see they added the 4 year premium support anyway LOL

    Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo天 前
  • I am wtaching Jim Brownings Tech support scam vids here and then. Dell was exactly that experience. Indian call center, and no glue what she was talking about. That other guys where at least honest to say. "I have no idea. pick what ever you want" :-)

    Erzgebirge erlebenErzgebirge erleben天 前
  • I worked until very recently at Curry's PC World for 2 years (in the UK) on the computer department. I would be embarrassed if I "helped" the customer like some of these "experts". Shame on them.

    the yogmasterthe yogmaster天 前
  • Was that pigeon double take a stealthy Moonraker reference?

    Jordy den HartogJordy den Hartog天 前
  • I dont blame the reps they have a script to follow

    VampirerockstarVampirerockstar天 前
  • Just came here to ask, where's episode 4?

    Andrew AndersonAndrew Anderson天 前
  • Where is Ivan?

    James MurdaJames Murda天 前
  • u should do Puget Systems and XOTICPC

    Josh RhineJosh Rhine天 前
  • Origin is my next pc

    Bill BirdBill Bird天 前
  • Reminds me of an Indian call center trying to rip me off on microsoft products. Dell ,good by.

    Bill BirdBill Bird天 前
  • Dell lost my vote, i have several xps. None of these people were interested in selling a computers, more of how much they can soak the customer.

    Bill BirdBill Bird天 前
  • Hahahaha "If music was moist, this would be moist music." I laughed so hard I almost blacked out!

    ic0n0clast21ic0n0clast21天 前
  • Dell is what happens when you outsource your call centers and then incentivize them with upselling warranties and other garbage rather than paying someone well enough to provide quality support.

    Tommy SRPTommy SRP天 前
  • These fcking outsourced call centers are disgusting.

    From EarthFrom Earth天 前
  • hungarian meme guy

    btomyebtomye天 前
  • In my whole life of dealing with Indian support, only 1 has been ultra helpful and professional. My jaw dropped when it went smoothly and hassle free. I CRINGE 😬😬😬 when I hear the accent on the other end.

    Heat FilterHeat Filter2 天 前
  • Any major company that palms their sales, customer service and technical support to an overseas multi-platform agency are not worth dealing with. It's a sure sign they don't give two shades of crap about their customers after they've bought the product, hence the aggressive, multiple upsells. The agents don't get paid a decent wage, instead, they are heavily reliant on commissions from sales as a steady income. They're also reprimanded severely for not forever trying to flog people shit they don't need or want.

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance2 天 前
  • Wow, you've done it. Will never buy anything from them again, despite not being in an English-speaking country. What a hilarious sales process - and then they don't even get the product right...

    Papa ShangoPapa Shango2 天 前
  • I JUST saw the gun 29 minutes in.

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 天 前
  • jake is unhireable IMO would never let an employee talk back to me like that linus is a good boss

    Josh ManJosh Man2 天 前
  • why was there a 350 watts psu selected in the first place in a gaming configuration that is expected to run a dedicated gpu

    Subwayd00dSubwayd00d2 天 前
  • Random Chicken at 12:41 :O Had to double check as thought I was seeing things.

    PeacemunPeacemun2 天 前

    R HR H2 天 前
  • 9:30 NO!!!! You cant forget they also tried to up-sale you a WIFI CARD!!!!

    R HR H2 天 前
  • Omg thank you, I was dealing with this problem for months!

    ThisGuyBrett xGBxThisGuyBrett xGBx2 天 前
  • I have a feeling Dell is outsourcing to the same call centers that do scams in the next room over. It literally sounded like a scam call.

    AtlanteanAtlantean2 天 前
  • is buying a pc via phone that common?

    Li AlkaloLi Alkalo2 天 前
  • You go with a bargain basement computer company whos machines have even caught fire in the past, you get bargain basement compute company style Bangalore Valley based globalist customer support (which is crap). If you wanted premium quality customer support that doesn't ask dumb questions in an accent you can understand that doesn't sound like Chalie Bown's teacher going wha wha whaaa wha wa wa wahhrh over a drive though restaurant, pony up the money and get a Mac, or quit whining about the chickens and RoboScripts.

    Matt CarrellMatt Carrell2 天 前
  • Holy shit Dell

    Michael ArzMichael Arz2 天 前
  • Shopping at DELL? Prepare for HELL.

    JohannesJohannes2 天 前
  • so I work in customer support. even if your account comes up we make you say your info. why? cause computers suck and they get it wrong A LOT.

    NickknelNickknel2 天 前
  • Agent 006.9

    Damfam yassDamfam yass2 天 前
  • Dell: You want it? It's yours my friend. Sarah: No Thanks Dell: Well here you go anyways, you're welcome!

    Jacq0Jacq02 天 前
  • HP was nice

    Cestarian InhabitantCestarian Inhabitant2 天 前
  • these people are sheep....why....

    I Know who you areI Know who you are3 天 前
  • I would like that linus face as a side panel plz

    FredFred3 天 前
  • NEVER BUY A laptop they cost more than normal pc and THEY ARE WORSE than a normal pc i saw a laptop for 3000EUR and it had 10x worse specs than my desktop but my deskopt is only 800EUR so laptops are a fucking scam

    F0RC3DF0RC3D3 天 前
  • Where is part 4?

    Scott NopeScott Nope3 天 前
  • How about you put people who CAN SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH?

    Yannis SotiriadisYannis Sotiriadis3 天 前
  • Sara looks like she could be John Travolta's daughter

    Terry CTerry C3 天 前
  • the cup holders are right there, why wouldn't you use them...

    EverythingsamEverythingsam3 天 前
  • So Dell anticipates, that something DOES GO WRONG with their computer. Good for them they don't sell cars.

    DJH comDJH com3 天 前
  • Nailed it guys :+1000

    amrut parabamrut parab3 天 前
  • Honestly some of these ticked me off, if I was a person just getting into pc gaming and I encountered some of these people? That would be thrown me off so badly.

    Static Alphabet soupStatic Alphabet soup3 天 前
  • anyone else watch this and get major anxiety?

    A AA A3 天 前
  • 14:35 Hello from the Philippines! I was just watching LTT's videos and run into this who I thought is my brother and yeah, I confirmed it's him lmao! This is hilarious 🤣 Give my brother and our roosters a raise!

    Rustonel VergaraRustonel Vergara3 天 前
  • Dell is continuing their downward spiral towards bankruptcy I see

    KurtoKurto3 天 前
  • The guy from origin is the only one that should work as a customer service agent. the product is just shit lol

    Alex SAlex S3 天 前
  • The rooster though....nothing else compares to that.

    Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor4 天 前
  • Sooooo, basically no one should ever buy a prebuilt computer...ever. not a single one of these companies was good.

    Eric McManusEric McManus4 天 前
  • Dell use to be ok but now Dell has gone down hill. Dell must be desperate. They sound like a scammer trying to up grad you.

    Bulvine ScatologistBulvine Scatologist4 天 前
  • I'm sure the HP computer that was 1699.99 wasn't out of stock. His manager was probably upset that he wasn't trying to take the full 2,000 buck Sarah said she had for a budget. It's too coincidental that the cheaper one all of a sudden is out of stock, and the next one he offers her is exactly 2000. No way was that a coincidence.

    Eric McManusEric McManus4 天 前
  • She's interested in PERCHING!

    Kobrowsky VladimiljanovičKobrowsky Vladimiljanovič4 天 前
  • wait.... is this Michael Scott!?

    Chris GreenChris Green4 天 前
  • *r o o s t e r*

    HarukiNoobieHarukiNoobie4 天 前
  • Honestly the opeque invoice after a forced upsale should be illegal, she declined like 6 times and they put a bunch of rando stuff on, talk about a bad user experience, but Dell has had this practise for years

    Z OZ O4 天 前
  • In 2020, even scammers know to write deceptive procedures and terms in their notebooks.

    Sismisa IToSismisa ITo4 天 前
  • If the guy on the right is gay and single, please give me his number

    big shaggerbig shagger4 天 前
  • Dell: FINANCINANGN not even going to fix the speling

    Khandaker FaisalKhandaker Faisal4 天 前
  • 6:07 this sounds like a tech support scam call

    Khandaker FaisalKhandaker Faisal4 天 前
  • I bought a way better computer for 2000$ last december. Sad

    PajamaJazamaPajamaJazama4 天 前
  • Thanks for letting us know that pre builds are still a scam, sad that we can't get honest service anymore. I see a theme of dishonest low tier workers with upper level management working damage control when they get called out.

    J.BJ.B4 天 前
  • 0069

    Kai EntertainmentKai Entertainment4 天 前
  • double 0 6.9 :D

    Kai EntertainmentKai Entertainment4 天 前
  • In the shop where I'm going, I know what I need. Otherwise, you will have components which don't fit each other. So when I come there I'll have a nice list, printed and go. But for peeps who do not have the knowledge, they are screwed. Seen this a lot of times. And then I think, ok, you want a computer, and want to build it yourself? Without knowing what you are doing? Not very clever. And then it hits my work bench often. I ask always, if you want a system, why don't you come to me? I choose the parts (in their budget), bring them to me and build it for 30$ all inclusive. Such a laugh btw.

    Gunther MampaeyGunther Mampaey4 天 前
  • OOF That League of Legends burn hurt...

    MrLuncheonMrLuncheon4 天 前
  • i watch video and i go to origin and maingear.. what a joke. Main gear is sponzoring Linus tech wtf? They say: As seen on Linus Tech Tips: Short Circuit - /// HEHHEHE

    MakeSh00tMakeSh00t4 天 前
  • All off a script in the far away land of {Insert country here}. This is how NOT to sell a PC, bad bad Dell. After working in retail for 30+ years, it's amazing how much horrid service and knowledge is out there, it's almost like most customer service/sales don't care. If you get a knowledgeable and attentive sales/customer service person it's like gold.

    TheAngryAArdvarkTheAngryAArdvark4 天 前
  • Who noticed the mp5

    General squirrelGeneral squirrel4 天 前
  • I'd never guess I'd see Billie Eilish order gaming computers to be tested by Linus. What a world!

    NifNif4 天 前
  • I would NEVER buy a pc from Dell, ever!

    Colonel KurtzColonel Kurtz4 天 前
  • 10:35 That fly needed to get a closer look, it couldn't believe what it was hearing.

    HakezuHakezu4 天 前
  • Ant-Man was right all along! Check out our latest Unveiled video --> and get ready to totally rethink how you see the universe!

    Danny DevDanny Dev4 天 前
  • Dell needs to be cancelled for this trash, thank you Linus and team for this

    Savage SalemSavage Salem4 天 前
  • Lol how do they stay in business

    fuckfuck4 天 前
  • Who mentions PubG anymore?

    Fokker - 1138Fokker - 11384 天 前
  • "It didn't ask us for what game." 21:10 Top left, "Fps result for: --"

    mreverythinggmreverythingg4 天 前
  • I'd rather hear a guy at home with chickens then no sales staff at all.

    Yukon WillehYukon Willeh4 天 前
  • Are we gonna pretend the guy didn't fake the $1600 machine to get her interested in the more expensive one? PS: I think the only discount code these sales representatives were giving was code "SIMP"

    EkoKenEkoKen4 天 前