The ALL MSI Gaming PC!

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Thanks to MSI for sponsoring this video!
We're giving the people what they want, with a fresh build featuring MSI's new RTX 3080 Gaming Trio X alongside a TON of MSI's gaming components.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • One guy at a subsidiary got his hands on 4 cards and scalped em on ebay. Everyone: OMG MSI IS A GARBAGE COMPANY HOW COULD YOU RELEASE A SPONSORED VIDEO HOW MUCH DID THEY PAY YOU?!?!?!

    Brian ChapmanBrian Chapman个月 前
    • @Linus Tech Tips they only refunded people because they got caught with the hand in the cookie jar there’s no way that they didn’t know that it wasn’t happening with 3080s in such short supply to the point where they’re literally tracking every serial number I find it hard to believe

      Aarron OfferAarron Offer23 小时 前
    • @Linus Tech Tips

      daffadaffa5 天 前
    • MSI isn't that bad

      A Big F in da chatA Big F in da chat16 天 前
    • Let's just ignore their history of other shady shit and outright lies about features and performance.

      SqeakySqeaky22 天 前
    • Money is everything for Linus Tech Tips.

      HyukHyuk26 天 前
  • that case has bad reviews.. like... really bad. All that other hardware is great. But the case is bad enough Steve over at gamer nexus would have a Coronary

    Kevin JuniorKevin Junior4 小时 前
  • I wanted this case but it's loud and has no airflow so who cares if it looks nice?

    Cleru ZinekCleru Zinek17 小时 前
  • Please give me a pc

    prank townprank town天 前
  • What do you guys do with those PC just give to some broke people like us

    Jobanvir SinghJobanvir Singh2 天 前
  • This thing be like $2,600 Canadian

    Paxman 245Paxman 2452 天 前
  • Can I plzzz have this pc for $899

    Matthieu TurnupMatthieu Turnup2 天 前
  • 5:10..... 😳😳

  • If games nexus comments, i facepalm.

    Juu TuubiJuu Tuubi2 天 前
  • It's the sponsorer when you see this transition at the start

  • where you get a muny

  • MSI is my favourite company and its my dream PC !!Thanks Linux for filming my dream❤❤

    Anurag MishraAnurag Mishra3 天 前
  • Noot noot

    pingupingu4 天 前
  • Bro a cpu is a cpu, that's that, y'all need to stop flaming for benchmarking with amd or intel

    SwordonatorSwordonator4 天 前
  • Leser haha

    vizion YTvizion YT4 天 前
  • I really like how the cpu is more expensive than my whole pc

    JoewastakenJoewastaken4 天 前
  • 3:23 i think there is one comapny that outdoes corsair with RGB. Razer intensifies

    S. Jacob KatzS. Jacob Katz5 天 前
  • Hey linus, i click this video because of the dragon in the thumbnail. Where is the Dragon??

    daffadaffa5 天 前
  • i need an all nzxt build

    Connor DodsonConnor Dodson6 天 前
    • @rigbyme oh ok well thet he needs to use the kraken z in one of his builds

      Connor DodsonConnor Dodson5 天 前
    • @Connor Dodson nzxt stopped making motherboards

      rigbymerigbyme6 天 前
    • @rigbyme yeah and the motherboard

      Connor DodsonConnor Dodson6 天 前
    • Like the case and aio, fan?

      rigbymerigbyme6 天 前
  • it kinda triggered me when Linus said Fastest gaming CPU is Intel i9 10th gen '-' am I the only one who felt like that ?

    BlackMageZerafBlackMageZeraf7 天 前
  • There is no difference from 1440p and 4k lol.

    Muhammetnur GulberdiyevMuhammetnur Gulberdiyev7 天 前
  • I know this is totally not relevant to the video, but I couldn't help but notice Linus's shoe situation at 6:16

    Flipflopz ThreeonethreeFlipflopz Threeonethree7 天 前
  • Thats great...given my xp with you can RMA whole desktop at once :D

    Cait SidheCait Sidhe7 天 前
  • "And this video's sponsor: ASUS." Jesus Christ, really Linus?

    umeng2002umeng20028 天 前
  • what would happen if you can put an aircon inside a pc?

    Kristoffer NavarreteKristoffer Navarrete8 天 前
  • What does he do with all of his pc builds

    Ethan FinleyEthan Finley8 天 前
  • 3:26 My heart beat stopped for a millisecond :O

    ShinobIShinobI8 天 前
  • red eyes !!! get some rest bro

    Kamel FardiKamel Fardi8 天 前
  • Its nice but the all asus pc was way better looking to me that why I'm going to be building the all asus pc next month

    Pitbull Gamer81Pitbull Gamer819 天 前
  • Is ryzen 5 3600 with a gtx 1660 ti with 16 gb of ram a good build for 900 dollars

    Precious Dan-DukorPrecious Dan-Dukor9 天 前
    • Yes id even maybe upgrade the GPU slightly if possible because there are a lot of AMD sales right now but thats solid

      YNW MelvinYNW Melvin8 天 前
  • 15:07 Linus: the fans are defently going right now. exhaust fan: NAH

    linus karstenlinus karsten9 天 前
  • No-one: linus: Imma quote Madison from the ROG rig reboot 2019 - LONGBOI

    Jay NobleJay Noble9 天 前
  • you get what for good packing materials.

    HyperFinnXHyperFinnX10 天 前
  • I get so much a boner for good packing materials. Just let this comment stand upright, for a moment....

    Klaus LarsenKlaus Larsen10 天 前
  • But msi got their own PSU ???

    AmroAmro10 天 前
  • Thumbs up for not killing the spider

    The QThe Q10 天 前
  • He looked better without a beard...

    ItzCookieItzCookie10 天 前
  • What's with these thumbnails ? ! :/

    S.m.DS.m.D10 天 前
  • Let me have that lul

    N3NEN3NE10 天 前
  • Linus mentions 3080 4k gaming. Strokes 3080 FE.

    Dean NoDean No10 天 前
  • Waiting for all Aorus build...

    ahmad umarahmad umar10 天 前
  • Screw MSI. Unscrupulous, shady bastards leaning on reviewers and bribing and threatening.

    Cade JohnsonCade Johnson11 天 前
  • I would love to build a pc with Linus but I also don’t want to make a fool of myself. I also don’t live in Canada.

    Polarbear Frost SPolarbear Frost S11 天 前
  • I have that case

  • Misleading title, it doesn't have a MSI processor

    CryopinacleCryopinacle11 天 前
  • why intel please AMD AMD better than intel and that is true in benchmark

    xxxcloser amv gacha i inne gryxxxcloser amv gacha i inne gry11 天 前
  • This could be an interesting series, picking only MSI, Asrock, asus, etc components but on the same level (e.g. same AMD cpu 3600, same graphics card like RTX3070), RAM. And run the tests see what difference drivers and components will make.

    Tamás GulyásTamás Gulyás11 天 前
  • Trio What?

    Xristos XristouXristos Xristou12 天 前
  • I approve of the amount of front ports, one extra USB C and it'd be perfect (for now, at least)! I love the fans, I've wanted to see (the option to have) 200mm fans everywhere since forever! I don't like the amount of glass nor that it looks like there might be some problems with airflow (or at least it not being optimal) - And Linus commented on it! :D Thanks for clearing up the abbreviations, Linus - I still have no idea what it really means (having a Optix MAG321CQR), they, apparently, have 4 series of monitors and what does even CQR even mean? o.O Just to clarify your point! ;) I'd also like to see a place for a blue-ray drive (I'd also like some new blue-ray drives that feel like they're actually meant to play anything and everything blue-ray), yes I know I'm probably a part of a very small minority.

    RannonRannon12 天 前
  • 6:17 what are those

    frogo baggingsfrogo baggings12 天 前
  • 3:49 me for sure, USBs are very nice to have and the more i have the better

    TheBoostedBass52TheBoostedBass5212 天 前
  • Can you guys do another all ASUS ROG pc build with the new asus rtx 3090

    Lance Julian AcobaLance Julian Acoba12 天 前
  • I don’t get why cool air comes in from the top... heat goes up, so you’re fighting against the natural airflow. Or did I miss something?

    hoerejong1234567890hoerejong123456789012 天 前
  • why don't you add a lazy Susan on your table to you can easily rotate your PC when you are putting things together

    FlameLogoFlameLogo13 天 前
  • Got a 2060 RTX from them. Very dissatisfied. Buggy, software looks like a virus, and just frustrating....

    FireBombFireBomb14 天 前
  • I'll stick with my all Gigabyte setup...

    Bill StellingBill Stelling14 天 前
  • How is it called the benchmark software he uses? The one with the CPU temperature

    giacob500giacob50014 天 前
  • Title: everything is msi Me:bUt tHe cPu iS iNtEl

    Izo ExeIzo Exe14 天 前
  • Hey Linus i love all of your vids but the only thing is i can only watch these vids and satisfy myself for the fact I could not afford such pc can you build one for me to game

    prasadh pramprasadh pram15 天 前
  • will this work with 3d modeling animation, etc?

    Andrew BradyAndrew Brady15 天 前
  • Don't do socks and sandals!

    Jason NewtonJason Newton15 天 前
  • Dragon

    Dr. PhilDr. Phil15 天 前
  • Linus: (with 10900k): Right now this is the fastest pc for gaming. Well that didn't age well

    Gamer HubGamer Hub15 天 前
  • what a bad case. no air intake hole at all. This case is only use for all water cooling .

    Carry Me AnegoCarry Me Anego15 天 前
  • i want to buy this keyboard,,,,,,,,but there is no good review in youtube ,,,,,,,,can you pls give me any review about this msi gk50 elite (kahil blue)

    H.B.L.A EntertainmentH.B.L.A Entertainment15 天 前
  • can i get a gaming pc as i have seen you have millions of pcs pls :(

    Ahmad ShahzadAhmad Shahzad15 天 前
  • there is the 11th gen core i7

    SMB8003A ProductionsSMB8003A Productions16 天 前
  • remove the fan to cancel the noise linus

    Dave CrudoDave Crudo16 天 前
  • That case is so disappointing. Once I saw it I wanted it so much I was just about to go find and buy one, but glad I finished the video. Why the hell would someone build a case that'll kill all the components inside? It's not just MSI, but so many other case makers have the same issue.

    zack shannonzack shannon16 天 前
  • wait u said u recorded this on the 6th but it published it on the second 🤔

    DumbMarkaDumbMarka16 天 前
  • For the price of the monitor you could build quite a nice PC. Damn, that thing is so expensive...

    IntercontinentalIntercontinental16 天 前
  • When you have the same aio as linus

    SC_Mega _MonkSC_Mega _Monk16 天 前
  • Msi cpu?

    JATT JIJATT JI16 天 前
  • linus drop tips 3:26

    Anonymous HamsterAnonymous Hamster16 天 前
  • An Msı cpu??

    wisi husjewisi husje16 天 前
  • why not build av extreme MSI computer inside the MSI dragon Linus have? that would bee cool and one of a kind :)

    Stig HeggelundStig Heggelund17 天 前
  • Past Linus u are so naive cause the Rx 6000 series have been showcased and rtx 3000 is done

    Delta OmkarDelta Omkar17 天 前
  • Ye sir

    Andres MelendezAndres Melendez17 天 前
  • Want a Ryzen 5000 along with 6000 gpu series build... please love from India

    Bijitt DebBijitt Deb17 天 前
  • yud

    wickwick17 天 前
  • Welcome back to another Episode of... I can't afford this

    Rakitha AmerasingheRakitha Amerasinghe17 天 前
    • Every episode of linus tech tips

      SwordonatorSwordonator4 天 前
  • I love watching things that I can't afford

    XeviousXevious17 天 前
  • The fans are spinning but where is the air coming in from? The top, front and sides are all glass covered!! Who designs this stupid case?

    ShingambaShingamba17 天 前
  • MPG is Miles Per Gallon Linus!!!

    Fidget JacksonFidget Jackson17 天 前
  • The most important thing about a case that all manufactures should put first it air flow.

    CallMehDustyNinjaCallMehDustyNinja17 天 前
  • i wish i was this guy

    TheSourOliveTheSourOlive17 天 前
  • I really like this pc building videos, but one thing is really triggering me.. Please next time show us when you put thermal compound on cpu. (I know you can do it, i just really want to see when you put it. :) )

    levcsavo.levcsavo.17 天 前
  • Why intel

    Gangadhar NagulakondaGangadhar Nagulakonda18 天 前
  • I wish i could have a good gaming pc. Guess ill stick to my 2012 mac.

    Hamiz IqbalHamiz Iqbal18 天 前
  • How about a HD monitor? Pretty decent right? How about a QHD monitor? Not so decent as HD. But how about... a *_U W Q H D_* monitor?

    Bash GamerBash Gamer18 天 前
  • 5:14 I think everybody has that experience.

    Karina LiKarina Li18 天 前
  • 2:05 all hail amd

    DevDev18 天 前
  • MSI makes cpus now wow really... not 100% MSI lol

    CanbritCanbrit18 天 前
  • ive watched a lot of his pc build i think i can easily build a pc on my own lol

    Rejoice CeladiñaRejoice Celadiña18 天 前
  • i wonder what do you do with all these computers

    Zion_ChenZion_Chen18 天 前
  • Give me a 3080 pleasssssss I beg youuuuu

    luke kappluke kapp19 天 前
  • 69k likes, Nice!

    Joel BrightJoel Bright19 天 前
  • Ah guys theres something scary i heard while linus is talking about coreliquid360r a scream 5:53

    Adrian Kurt Ozell MarquezAdrian Kurt Ozell Marquez19 天 前
  • ummmmmmm i got a honey linus ad ON A LINUS VID AHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Pezz ParkinPezz Parkin19 天 前
  • Feel friendly send this to me 😀 I give you 1000 Rupaye 😀😀🙉

    Gaming ArenaGaming Arena20 天 前