What Did We ACTUALLY Get? - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 2

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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favorite PC system integrators. In this part, we find out exactly what we actually ordered!
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  • Packaging A-... Dude it came in a freakin crate! "Oh yeah, A+" 😂

    Gadget AddictGadget Addict10 天 前
    • 39th comment so none has to count again

      jojo pjojo p2 天 前
    • @William Lin yeah i just realised i just recounted the entire thread lmaooo

      jojo pjojo p2 天 前
    • @jojo p u meant 35th right

      William LinWilliam Lin2 天 前
    • 36th

      William LinWilliam Lin2 天 前
    • 35th comment

      jojo pjojo p2 天 前
  • 200$ on case 100$ on parts

    DoomwackerDoomwacker38 分钟 前
  • Steam: Why are so many people entering the same code. Edit: Thanks for the likes :)

    rim685cen ;nir'sucrim685cen ;nir'suc40 分钟 前
  • honestly i should start a bussines where i sell pcs where i customize how they want it and charge 200 bucks for me making it and shipping and installing windows

    DoomwackerDoomwacker40 分钟 前
  • It's a shame that the compression makes it really hard to see the dents on the Cyberpower system. It's obvious there's a dent there but I'm almost certain it would look far worse in real life thanks to the compression blurring

    Nick SherryNick Sherry2 小时 前
  • why are you so gay

    Francis FranciscoFrancis Francisco2 小时 前
  • should really say $1500 Usd cause im spending close too $3000 Aud

    Clich'e GamingClich'e Gaming3 小时 前
  • oh linus your so cool not

    ran manran man3 小时 前
  • See like, I googled Alienware and the first result on Dells website was an R11 with a i7 10700k, 2060, 16gb at 2933, and 512+1tb. The sales person would have to be completely out to lunch to not pick what their website delivered immediately.

    Rockid9040Rockid90404 小时 前
  • Packaging A-... Dude it came in a freakin crate! "Oh yeah, A+" 😂

    SoledOut SCSoledOut SC4 小时 前
  • i hope you returned most of these when they were that garbage

    MoDRunMoDRun4 小时 前
  • I bet a lot of kids here tried the fall guys ultimate knockout code.

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde5 小时 前
  • What's with the cowboy bebop music in the background during the ibuypower unboxing? You guys gonna get hit with a music claim or what?

    hapakidyohapakidyo5 小时 前
  • I’m finally about to buy and build my first pc and dream pc and thx to you I know almost everything I need to know thank you so much

    LuciferLucifer6 小时 前
  • options for buying a pc - build it your self - build it your self - get it from redux PCs - build it your self

    Rush_B_lyatRush_B_lyat6 小时 前
  • DELL where is 1TB sata disk?

    Silas155Silas1556 小时 前
  • That first computer... they paid 2 GRAND for a fucking 1660 (ti, whoopdiedoo) ????

    DickDastardlyDickDastardly6 小时 前
  • Guys i found linus tech tips deleted video :OOOO cnworld.info/free/lISvmKqdvJePyLM/sh-p-n

    JoltaikV2JoltaikV27 小时 前
  • CPU cooling radiator upside down

    D MD M7 小时 前
  • is there something wrong with a 2.5 SSD???

    Cade HollingsworthCade Hollingsworth9 小时 前
  • 1:58 I don't need anymore my 9-5 because of, *g r e a t e a s y p a y .c o m*

    THeGoVeRNeRTHeGoVeRNeR10 小时 前
  • "I'm broken inside" *Linus meme face* 😂

    LemauLemau11 小时 前
  • Jakes the fkn best the banter between him and linus is like they are arguing siblings

    ****18 小时 前
  • loving the soundtrack

    Alonso De RegilAlonso De Regil18 小时 前
  • I think they should also evaluate foam as it is very contaminant, so to reduce trash generated.

    Alonso De RegilAlonso De Regil18 小时 前
  • Cyberpower puts a 10700k and 5700xt rather than a 3600 and 2070 lol....

    Nick King TelevisedNick King Televised21 小时 前
  • FYI: The case on the Maingear PC is custom made by Lian Li for Maingear and its actually the Lancool One but with a different front panel and front panel inputs on the side instead of on top. www.tweaktown.com/reviews/9039/lian-li-lancool-one-digital-mid-tower-chassis-review/index.html

    Benito Fernández TorresBenito Fernández Torres22 小时 前
  • Wheres part 4?

    Dylan porterDylan porter23 小时 前
  • Ibuypower...i paid and got no cable management cracked fans..my front intake fans was installed as exhaust...aio had air bubbles in the line and I payed for 3 extra fans got none..I had 3 spots open for fans too...not to mention my gpu didn't work and bios was out dated....thanks ibuypower. Will find out if they fix it in the next 3 weeks.also doubt they will add my fans they missed cause they didn't add it to the rma.

    AirthsAirths天 前
  • on the side of the front panel for the cyberpower gaming pc, there was a bunch of holes/slits for airflow

    Jesse LyJesse Ly天 前
  • The suit is a good look

    anonamooseanonamoose天 前
  • i have opened those Ibuypower, and the foam spray support exploded out of the bag and into the cpu cooler and made the computer a brick,

    Dren BurrelDren Burrel天 前
  • They be there hating on the pcs and me being over here with a acer nitro 5 gtx 1050 3gb and 8 gbs of ram and super crap cooling

    isuckatdrift lolisuckatdrift lol天 前
  • @ 22:50 to be fair to CyberPower the 5700XT is keeping up with (if not beating out) 2070 Supers these days with just driver updates

    monmon天 前
  • Dell is still a thing ?

    Jay SonJay Son天 前
  • Manufactures take note with these, I work in IT and I'm not ordering anything for our business from the companies that failed hard here, I'm sure others will do that same

    Jeremy CochraneJeremy Cochrane天 前
  • GQWD4-GLK9C-5GK7B fall guys

    EndercassEndercass天 前
  • Hey Linus, I think you should start your own pre-built PC business. Thoughts?

    Peter MPeter M天 前
  • *Linus:* Imma gesture with this RAM stick in my hand. *Linus' hand:* Imma throw it.

    unfaunfa天 前
  • Time to remove the ear rings, you look like a pirate for last 20 years

    Charlie BCharlie B天 前
  • 24:04 A 1000 Nm Dewalt XR Impact Driver for screws. Linus Overkill LVL 999 :-D

    Örs Hunor DetreÖrs Hunor Detre天 前
  • 31:30 linus drop tips

    ViperRoViperRo天 前
  • 31:32 Linus drop tips

    Shubh AgarwalShubh Agarwal天 前
  • Anyone noticed that tank is playing in the background?

    Ben LoehrBen Loehr天 前
  • Noot noot

    pingupingu2 天 前
  • ps the hp omen pc psu is tied to the motherboard so it cant be interchanged i have tried and it does not work the psu will not power on without a omen stock mobo

    Budder_CactusBudder_Cactus2 天 前
  • I was surprised building a PC a few weeks back how competitive prebuilt systems have become. Especially when dealing with RTX cards. You can’t build a high end PC for what some of these places sell them for.

    D SD S2 天 前
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max is the REAL Apple Flagship - cnworld.info/free/d2ySlKOzr5aNmdU/sh-p-n

    John CarryJohn Carry2 天 前
  • the thing is all of the diy pc's would be even cheaper if you just bought a windows key off ebay. Instant $100 saving to put to a better gpu/cpu ect

    Adam SayerAdam Sayer2 天 前
  • Ibuypower uses NZXT parts, since they're like, next door to each other. So I feel like that build would probably be more on PCpartpicker, since getting a exact build of that PC is gonna have that NZXT logo tax.

    Haxton TemeraireHaxton Temeraire2 天 前
  • When’s part foooouuuurrrr

    TimTim2 天 前
  • Linus throwing things again. Rip ramstick

    Eagles_EyeEagles_Eye2 天 前
  • Them, oh look a code for fall guys Us, To steam!!!

    Andrew MartinAndrew Martin2 天 前
  • "Free"

    ImSynthexImSynthex2 天 前
  • Dell, setting the bar even lower, since conception.

    BmoBmo2 天 前
  • did anyone notice tank! the cowboy bebop opening in the back

    hakaiyoohakaiyoo2 天 前
  • stock cooler on the 3600x be loud af, just sayin.

    J MilliJ Milli2 天 前
  • 24.20 is the best moment

    janusthegamerjanusthegamer2 天 前
  • Shit, I.....really like that.....HP??????? i like the HP????????? whhhhuuuuuaaahhhhhhhhh?

    asheraelasherael2 天 前
  • Is that the Trigun anime theme in the bg..XD

    Ray DreamerRay Dreamer2 天 前
  • dude i can get linus’ face on my phone??? why couldnt i do this sooner

    Thaddeus VidlerThaddeus Vidler2 天 前
  • I don't get why single channel memory is bad?

    Beng PerBeng Per2 天 前
  • "How many Fu*king urls did they buy?" Lmao

    Cmac 613Cmac 6132 天 前
  • In some cases, I know the packaging has alot to do with it but SOME cases it the shipping companies fault

    Cmac 613Cmac 6132 天 前
  • Intro game is strong!

    tec738caf ;dik'factec738caf ;dik'fac2 天 前
  • "Spending money on an AIO doesn't make sense at this price point." Me who got a AIO in a $1000 computer: Nervously looks away

    winder zhaowinder zhao2 天 前
  • 8,915th comment

    OG SniperOG Sniper2 天 前
  • I don't understand that flack against shipping with a single RAM stick on a dual channel capable system! That's what I do! After blowing up a lot of money on a computer, I might want to save on RAM, and I'll want to aim for 32GB but stick with 16 for a while. When I have money to upgrade, getting a single 16GB stick is cheaper than getting two 16GB sticks, and having two useless 8GB sticks lying around...

    Polikarpov MoscaPolikarpov Mosca2 天 前
  • Hey guys a lot of you maybe already heard the story of KoolKing Logan. He is an awsome kid who just beat cancer and his dream is to become a youtuber. He really makes quality content yesterday alone he got 50k new subscriber as the internet is banding together to help him out. The only thing he needs is a proper setup. Maybe LTT could help out there and hook him up with proper equipment. It would be nice if this post could get some traction so the right people read this. Here is a link to his channel: cnworld.info/auto/JeoZ5ubCT1FMi9ad63-M-w

    bensdorp1993bensdorp19932 天 前
  • Amd is gay

    Žan RudolfŽan Rudolf2 天 前
  • My HP omen has had so many problems, I press the power button and the RGB flashes and I have to restart the pc a bunch :/

    minecrafter 462minecrafter 4622 天 前
  • geforce now i available in Kazakhstan and even in Japan but not in Australia or New Zealand nor New Caledonia where i live cmon nvidia you can do better than that

    int 2int 22 天 前
  • 3:45 80+ Platinum and that form factor, that's a server PSU from Dells Server Division

    Voice ITVoice IT2 天 前
  • 31:33 Linus Throw Tips

    Voice ITVoice IT2 天 前
  • Linus, at 22:35 - the front panel looks like it has venting around the sides and perhaps top slot as well. It's not solid, I don't think.

    Joshua RichardsJoshua Richards2 天 前
  • They came in everything from a cardboard box to a wooden shipping crate. *proceeds to show five cardboard boxes and a wooden shipping crate*

    Hudson HammanHudson Hamman2 天 前
  • i fyou are removing stickers from metal heat it up with a eat gun, at the very least a hair dryer

    Graeme FrithGraeme Frith2 天 前
  • I'm getting a nzxt streaming pc, is it good?

    CardiacYew 3805CardiacYew 38052 天 前
  • I like how he drops the "Important Stuff".

    Coasterdude123Coasterdude1233 天 前
  • Using an impact wrench to take apart a crate?

    karlwashere123karlwashere1233 天 前
  • colonel sanders here

    damonindamonin3 天 前
  • Linus: This Ram stick is USELESS *Yeet*

    YourPalTaikaYourPalTaika3 天 前
  • Maingear: Would probably be OK but the RAM didn't work, for some ... reason.

    RannonRannon3 天 前
  • Can I have that I buy power pc

    OtixytOtixyt3 天 前
  • Am I hearing the Cowboy Bebop theme in the background?

    William LonkertWilliam Lonkert3 天 前
  • 15:30 cmon guys - heat the damn label up properly good and hot with a hairyer before you start to peel it - I thought you did this shit for a living?

    Gord SlaterGord Slater3 天 前
  • Linus bond omg breed: different 🥶😈😈😈😈💪😈💪🥶🥶😈💪💪💪😤😤😤🥶😈😤💪💪👹👹

    mpmp3 天 前
  • 2:20 sees the rear io and goes facepalm

    Tim SeidelTim Seidel3 天 前
  • drop more things linus drop tips

    G BG B3 天 前
  • shame shannanigans

    KristanKristan3 天 前
  • when I bought an obit power pc it didn’t have that sticker issue on the io shield

    Caleb Is Bad At PBCaleb Is Bad At PB3 天 前
  • ahahahahahah

    skillZ141skillZ1413 天 前
  • XPS 8000 Series Desktop New XPS Special Edition Desktop 4.3 (1542) Ask a question Starting Price CAD $2,649.99 CAD $2,049.99 Delivery Information processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700 processor(8-Core, 16M Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.8GHz) laptop Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, English videocard NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ 8GB GDDR6 memory 16GB, 2x2GB, DDR4, 2933MHz harddrive 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive + 1TB 7200 rpm 3.5" SATA Hard Drive fallbackcolor 360W Mineral White Bezel Chassis including optical drive

    Bobby NicholsonBobby Nicholson3 天 前
  • 02:33 Lian li o11 dynamic be like

    DepDep3 天 前
  • Guys is it just me or this guy looks like david tennant in doctor who.

    Jacob ProustJacob Proust3 天 前
  • T whomever used the Fall Guys game code... I feel like you might've wasted storage space on your ssd/hdd, just sayin'!

    Robbie SteelRobbie Steel3 天 前
  • See you space cowboy

    Tadgh FTadgh F3 天 前
  • Could someone add to the "Linus drops expensive parts" list please

    Shadeas24Shadeas243 天 前
  • Jake is really grow with the job. Now i see why mr linu kept him. Jake keep up the good job sir

    MrQuist125MrQuist1253 天 前
  • Love your channel learning so much seeing them english and pcs snd theyre performance... and i would love to ask to you linus if you have amd old computer or whatever that you can give to a humble person who dont have the money to buy one i study medicine and i need one for my career if you can give me a litle help on that would love more this channel, cheer s from Argentina, wish you the best of luck.

    ManoloManolo3 天 前