The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

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With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • I'm really diggin the beard and never for a moment hated your voice @Linus Sebastian

    ScalywagScalywag分钟 前
  • stick with defender, have fun cleaning your system up if a windows update f*cks up your system because it has overwritten a file that bitdefender or any other AV needs

    scudsturm1scudsturm111 分钟 前
  • Oh my lord, I want this for my gaming channel.

    BlueJay 22BlueJay 2221 分钟 前
  • You're high in this video for sure xD

    Devon Mac IntoshDevon Mac Intosh26 分钟 前
  • it’s garbage already my fuckin omen laptop preforms better..

    Linux JediLinux Jedi45 分钟 前
  • But dose it run that one game the pc gamers talk about

    Loco BustersLoco Busters48 分钟 前
  • wtf

    Albosto GamingAlbosto Gaming小时 前
  • I wish I could actually get a good computer cause my dad works as a door dash driver and rent is expensive and I’ve been trying to get some money by streaming but I can’t do that without a pc pls Linus try to work something out for me

    jadd n00kjadd n00k小时 前
  • 8:43 Go stupid Go crazy

    Mr. CringeMr. Cringe小时 前
  • how much it cost about 12,000 USD

    Masayosh satoMasayosh sato小时 前
  • can make animation for shorttime. I hope you computer send to me..😁

    si TUTUMsi TUTUM小时 前
  • I was running iOS 14.0 and the certificate worked fine but now I have updated to iOS 14.2 it won’t let me open tutubox, it says unable to verify app even though it is trusted. What should I do?

    Aryan LadAryan Lad小时 前
  • Imagine getting an early access to a 5950x BRUH!

    CometYTCometYT2 小时 前
  • How much bitcoin could you mine with this pc?!

    ZyjuilaZyjuila2 小时 前
  • 😁 💪

    alexandru puscaricsalexandru puscarics2 小时 前
  • 500 MB/s is not equal to 5GB/s nah nah nah mate

    SynSyn2 小时 前
  • Powers it on.... street lights outside start dimming..

    Rich Campbell MusicRich Campbell Music2 小时 前
  • Linus you silly goose, did you just say SLI when referring to AMD Crossfire? You just lost your techie card! JK long you man haha.

    BFKAnthony817BFKAnthony8172 小时 前
  • So there's finally a rig that can actually run with full ray-tracing at 4k resolutions...

    RaifsevrenceRaifsevrence3 小时 前
  • Current year: What an absolute monster of a machine 2050: What a pile of junk. It doesn't even take up half the room in size.

    bowen voowybowen voowy3 小时 前
  • In what universe do you need a monitor that long

    Mr_BarryMr_Barry4 小时 前
  • Ohkkk... Whats about that decompression and download in steam...??? Didnt quite get it...

    Vivek VKVivek VK4 小时 前
    • U should also play fortnite on it

      bowen voowybowen voowy3 小时 前
  • thumbs up!!

    Media PoolMedia Pool4 小时 前
  • the beard is looking sharp my man

    Jacob BartonJacob Barton4 小时 前
  • Wow, you can get over a 100fps with only *$3000+* in GPU cost, 30-60 in a rts... cough

    Tech PappeeTech Pappee5 小时 前
  • Can it run teardown?

    Tristen GublerTristen Gubler5 小时 前
  • hey sir Linus I have a question. How to Detect and Remove Cryptoming Malware. any tips you have??

  • Curious Is the fastest always the best e.g reliable?

    utoobeigiveuputoobeigiveup5 小时 前
  • The computer is bigger than Linus! LoL must be nice to be the only person to own any of these new components.

    John PJohn P6 小时 前
  • ...U wanna play on a pc that costs more than my car?

    NecultaNeculta7 小时 前
  • But how well does it run crisis?

    What am I doing here...What am I doing here...8 小时 前
  • 400 FOV minimum on that Monitor.

    Lil WooLil Woo8 小时 前
  • Your downloading red dead at 500 megabite per second and my internet speed is 5megabits per second, slower than the average speed in some 3rd world countries. Thanks Bell alliant.

    John DoesephJohn Doeseph9 小时 前
  • That’s a fucking engine

    TJ GENTJ GEN9 小时 前
  • Noone: Linus: My CPU can decompress the game while it downloads (5GBPS!) Me: My HDD can store the data in realtime while it downloads (50 MBPS)

    ashishgupashishgup9 小时 前
  • but it has nvidia gpu

    Hank StormHank Storm9 小时 前
  • I just wanted to play Minecraft.

    Many BitsMany Bits9 小时 前
  • U should also play fortnite on it

  • It's been AMD since 2008 for us less privileged folk. Why would I want to buy from corrupt, anti-consumer pieces of filth like Intel and Nvidia even if I could, anyways?

    z zz z9 小时 前
  • ill buy it from you

    Zack TremblayZack Tremblay9 小时 前
  • Man you are funny.

    Knight DSKnight DS9 小时 前
  • They should stop making compensators, just buy them from digital storm

    Wyatt MoyerWyatt Moyer10 小时 前
  • u really don't need water cooling these days.

    seashipsseaships10 小时 前
  • LINUS: Are you done testing it, ship it to me! :D

    Vasile CosminVasile Cosmin10 小时 前
  • Did someone already by that PC tho?

    r_1_ x_0r_1_ x_010 小时 前
  • Me watching this while I watch all the games on my phone through CNworld

    Fahad RehmanFahad Rehman11 小时 前
  • (5:35) They should have done what NASA did with the Lunar Excursion Module and put the finished PC in a device that rotated it in all dimensions so that any loose pieces would fall out. ;)

    CybershamanXCybershamanX11 小时 前
  • there are fans that sit right on the windoe, those aren't doing anything exept draw power

    Alex AlfonsAlex Alfons11 小时 前
  • In the future, these computers are gonna be the size of a room

    Alex AlfonsAlex Alfons11 小时 前
  • Me watching this with a 2013 build

    Ram3RZRam3RZ12 小时 前
  • The real question here is actually: How tall is Linus?

    Jim Julian van der HeidenJim Julian van der Heiden12 小时 前
  • Its all AMD? Always has been

    Eli TecEli Tec12 小时 前
  • Why do all the bad players have pcs and the good ones cant afford one, some exeptions

    Joe GreenJoe Green12 小时 前
  • did somebody converted refrigerator into desktop?

    tallll70tallll7012 小时 前
  • Anyone else worry when he tilted this system when looking at the radiator? I felt like it was going to tip over the desk.

    Christian KrautwaldChristian Krautwald13 小时 前
  • While I am an AMD fan, I have no interest in buying a pre-built computer. What case did they use for this computer???

    PaganWizardPaganWizard13 小时 前
  • Vaporware 3090's... 😙

    CronopolyCronopoly13 小时 前
  • I have been a system builder for almost 30 years, and in my experience, most people that pc game simply want an affordable (keyword here) system that doesn't call for a second mortgage or borrowing from your 401-K or selling one of your kids in order to play Command and Conquer or Gear whatever You can build systems for way less money, and agreed it may not be as fast or as luxurious as these multi mega-dollar systems but will serve the purposes of most gamers. The gamers I know and deal with every day. I just don't get, and neither do they, spending a small fortune on a system that is only marginally faster than its closest competition. The CPU wars were over years ago. Intel wins hands down with sales and speeds and chipsets. Don't get me wrong AMD does have a place in the PC market but for overall performance buy Intel. You want to game, then buy a Playstation or Xbox. If you really are a decent dedicated PC gamer, just try to stay in that 1500-2000$ sweet spot for a really good gaming system. You can build a cheaper gamer as well if you shop around a little, buy used, or refurbished or find a really great deal on a refurbished Xeon or Intel i7 server/workstation and build up from that. Save yourself the headaches and the sleepless nights hoping your Affirm payment or PayPal credit payment doesn't bounce like a fat girl on a trampoline. Much cheaper, same experience, and you lose nothing but bragging rights by having a system faster than your buddies. Of course, your BFF has an apartment, but you still live in the basement with your family or grandparents. You know why? You can't afford to live by yourself because you spend all your money to make sure you have the fastest PC in the neighborhood. It's just stupid, financially ignorant, and believe me I love gaming and systems as much if not more than anyone. I mean why. To have a system that is probably faster than anything else for all of 2 days. By the time you are into your second game, there is already one faster. Thanks and please no flames or whatever. I am what I say I am, and cannot speak due to losing my voice because of throat cancer. I use a device called an Ultravoice to speak and I sound like a robot more than anything, so certainly you do not want that voice rattling around in your head ;) Finally, I am a really old-school and very nice and laid back hippyish kind of guy. I have been involved in the computer industry since the mid-80s way before the internet and even Windows 3.1. I lived in a DOS world. I have kept up with the times, unlike so many of my cohorts and friends from that period of time. I am no expert by any means but I do believe my experience overall is an advantage for me and my business. By the way Linus. You rock. You always try to give great information and that to me is what being a great technician is al about. Later. Mike/Mitek Computers LLC Roadhouse Refurbs Co

    Michael GevedonMichael Gevedon13 小时 前
  • What motherboard does it have?

    Awoken BaconAwoken Bacon14 小时 前
  • I will be install FreeBSD on this machine

    interes383interes38314 小时 前
  • 9:26 Damn that Lenny Face is even tracked xD

    FratzentoasterFratzentoaster14 小时 前
  • my heart pain when i see his monitor and the pc but the keyboard OH THE KEYBOARD

    Marcus ChongMarcus Chong14 小时 前
  • Hey linus can you make videos about workstation

    ShaanShaan15 小时 前
  • So that's where all the bandwidth went

    MrDeathsmbraceMrDeathsmbrace15 小时 前
  • Imagine working for this nerd don’t you want to just smack him

    Sixtyfps GamingSixtyfps Gaming16 小时 前
  • i love AMD because they dont specialy go and bribe game companies for their shitty effects and more brand optimization. Pc = Masterrace because this platform dont deal with shitty console tricks and dramas.. They're doing shitty console tricks on Pc platfom. So i hate this complete scum brand called nvidia. That brand should not supported. Becauce they're softly trying exclusive shit on pc. hope they're go bankrupt fast.

    neithealeborneithealebor16 小时 前
  • The irony of me watching this on 10 year old pc 😶, and slowly go to depression

    Bhaskar SBhaskar S16 小时 前
  • Linus: I'm 160 lbs. me, also 160: false why am i fat then

    6kvin106kvin1016 小时 前
  • meanwhile my 3rd world internet trying its best to hit 1MBps

    WannaBeTryhardWannaBeTryhard16 小时 前
  • meanwhile my 3rd world internet trying its best to hit 1MBps

    WannaBeTryhardWannaBeTryhard16 小时 前
  • meanwhile my 3rd world internet trying its best to hit 1MBps

    WannaBeTryhardWannaBeTryhard16 小时 前
  • just keep hitting 0 you're welcome

    alibabashitsalibabashits16 小时 前
  • uhhhh how much would this cost?

    ComotoseComotose16 小时 前
  • What is Difference of gaming system & job working software system & students system & multi media systems. could you please explain brother...

    Sagar LenkaSagar Lenka16 小时 前
  • 760 MB/s i get 1.3MB/s

    Desmond TownsonDesmond Townson16 小时 前
  • 0:50 I took that for3 years it's amazing

    Semipro GamerSemipro Gamer16 小时 前
  • Utter waste of money.

    Salih ÖzdemirSalih Özdemir16 小时 前
  • I am already using bitdefender

    Neutrino TechNeutrino Tech17 小时 前
  • You can now download gta in the time it takes to load into gta

    Lama_CourseLama_Course17 小时 前
  • “Bro lets go play GTA Online” “Me waiting 15minutes on the loading screen”

    friendly destructionfriendly destruction17 小时 前
  • What is the name of the case?

    gael gallegosgael gallegos17 小时 前
  • Damn linus has a lot of pc can't even afford a cheap one.

    Reymar PilapilReymar Pilapil17 小时 前
  • if i tried this on my computer, shadow tomb raider at max settings, my pc will literally turn into a hot metal gooey mess

    WavesWaves17 小时 前
  • Bitdefender is crap absolute crap period

    Aswath SukumaranAswath Sukumaran18 小时 前
  • AMD is just busy making bikes until other brands starts making bikes too

    UglyKidooUglyKidoo18 小时 前
    • Considering the crazy shortage of bikes, that is probably a very profitable decision.

      RaifsevrenceRaifsevrence3 小时 前
  • I was waiting just for rdr2 gameplay ffs

    Amine KhadirAmine Khadir18 小时 前
  • 700 mbps me : crying with 3 mbps internet

    Javier KunJavier Kun18 小时 前
  • maybe not wearing summer beach sandals would help lifting the case

    Tahle ShiraziTahle Shirazi18 小时 前
  • 11:43 Ridiculously expensive PC and monitor Linus: sits on a bin to play

    DigitalPimpDigitalPimp18 小时 前
  • me who is watching on 2 gb ram pc with 13 processer...😶😶

  • if I had one of these what couldn't I do from 3d to game to any type of build microsoft would be druling

    techie number1techie number118 小时 前
  • GTA 5 Downloading faster then it takes to load

    SkyThrillSkyThrill18 小时 前
  • holy fuck idk if your drunk or stoned..... dafuq

    BlazedrowBlazedrow18 小时 前
  • Also when he said ryzen 9 5950x i laughed bucause i have a i7 920

    Mario M KingMario M King18 小时 前
  • You can have this pc for the low low price of your kidney

    Mario M KingMario M King18 小时 前
  • This is what it's like when there's a famine going on and the bourgeoisie are eating cake in public.

    Meghann AltMeghann Alt19 小时 前
  • Lunch time at LTT: "I'm feeling like killing some NPCs.. lemme download GTA real quick.."

    erik nansenerik nansen19 小时 前
  • How much $$$$$$$$$$????

    Mike SheltonMike Shelton19 小时 前
  • What's the fps on Diablo 2 lod

    S&B JohnsonS&B Johnson19 小时 前
  • 9:00 wHAT 500MB/s wtf? Meanwhile I’m here downloading at 6MB/s jesus christ

    AxthnyAxthny19 小时 前