Can you GAME on a Cheap Wireless Keyboard?

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Is it time to cut the cord? This roundup of Amazon’s best selling cheap wireless keyboards should give you all the info you need to make the call.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • i died when i saw the exact same keyboard my mom uses

    can_ manmasoncan_ manmason11 小时 前
  • Yes you can even game in a office keyboard. If you can play decent with terrible setups then you will be good if you have a good setup

    MoopShatMoopShat11 小时 前
  • THE INTRO!!!

    Kenankiller YTKenankiller YT15 小时 前
  • The Linus beard really is an improvement. That flashback to the wired keyboards

    Evan FetterhoffEvan Fetterhoff17 小时 前
  • "cheap"

    Hanna AnderssonHanna Andersson18 小时 前
  • whats the control keyboard?

    choccychoccy19 小时 前
  • Can you review the scorpion k5?

    Himanshu KawiminaHimanshu Kawimina天 前
  • Linus Give me that storm pc please ...

    Chronic Smoke GamingChronic Smoke Gaming天 前
  • YAS. I did that for a long while. My old trusty Logitech k270

    Brandon LeeBrandon Lee天 前
  • Wireless keyboards and mice are not for gaming especially buidget ones

    Thomas JensenThomas Jensen2 天 前
  • I dont even need a new keyboard, but im watching it anyways bc im stuck in a hospital as a patient...

    JustARandom GamerHereJustARandom GamerHere2 天 前
  • Real gamers play on potato. Like exactly

    IceCrystal 009IceCrystal 0092 天 前
  • I game with Logitech it.

    Larry LitmanenLarry Litmanen2 天 前
  • Logitech K810 is the best wireless keyboard ever made - of course they've stopped making it, so I bought 2 to have a spare :)

    Voice ITVoice IT2 天 前
  • Really like the music in the intro. You could do that more often. Give mkbhd a run for his money ^^

    YorschorYorschor2 天 前
  • Magnets? How do they work?

    Nick KNick K2 天 前
  • Logitec really know their shit.

    Reinis MiksReinis Miks2 天 前
  • I really wish you did a latency test on the "1ms" gamesir! board. Is it really 1ms ... Sir?

    Alex ChesserAlex Chesser2 天 前
  • I actually like springy cheap sounding spacebars >__

    Tony BelfTony Belf2 天 前
  • Hey Linus and the team, can you build a mechanical keyboard like the on the opening of Spy Kids 2 Island of Lost Dreams?

    Wen Da NgWen Da Ng2 天 前
  • So the new intro? LINUS. FIX FIX FIX

    RTV RaandomRTV Raandom3 天 前
  • If you can't afford a decent computer, which any person should be able to save for it. Saving just takes time. If you can not even do that. Maybe find other ways to come up with some income. When it comes to pc you do not want to spend anything on something you will not be happy with.

    XxVapeSt4rxXXxVapeSt4rxX3 天 前
  • 0:20 thank god

    Senycal CosmixSenycal Cosmix3 天 前
  • My wireless keyboard was $7... My mouse: $1 BTW: only red backlight makes sense because of the wavelength. Blue for example is too high of a frequency...short wavelength...which means that the light will scatter too much at the edges of the symbols, numbers and letters on the keys...thus the letters appear too fuzzy. Red light has a long wavelength = low frequency...and that leads to a razor sharp picture of the symbols, numbers and letters.

    Cal CervoCal Cervo3 天 前
  • I bought the k350 and it lagged out during gaming real bad after a few button presses while playing Starcraft 2.

    Joe BrantJoe Brant3 天 前
  • linus use a apple keyboard to game i dare u

    Unknown ScripterUnknown Scripter3 天 前
  • I'm using a Logitech K400+ and I flippin love this keyboard!!

    KollerKoller3 天 前
  • My opinion is that keyboard does not matter that much for gaming. A good mouse is essential tho.

    Lagonas_Lagonas_3 天 前
  • My Dad: *Keyboard is a keyboard*

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan3 天 前
  • But my Keyboard is worth not Mentioning even in the Worst category

  • I can't use a keyboard that has a horizontal Enter key, I need one of the tall ones or I always miss hit it.

    voteDCvoteDC3 天 前
    • Im used to old school enter keys. Those bad boys are huge

      Reinis MiksReinis Miks2 天 前
  • The artek slim keyboard looks exactly what i would want, would be an upgrade for my current work/gaming keyboard, which is like $10. Yes, im that poor. Wish it was wired tho

    silverissssilverisss3 天 前
  • Pls do one with mouses cuz my corsair m65 elite broken

    hostghost twohostghost two4 天 前
  • Meanwhile I'm playing my offline RPG games on a $14 a4tech keyboard 😂 something that will surely unusable to any tech reviewer

    Md. Mehedi HasanMd. Mehedi Hasan4 天 前
  • the k350 looks like the "microsoft old keyboard" back in the '90s

    Nightcore BeastNightcore Beast4 天 前
  • no way the logitech keyboards are the best ones that is craz was not expecting that at all

    BoingiBoingBoingiBoing4 天 前
  • Noot noot

    pingupingu4 天 前
  • Only True gamers once played on the laptop

    Frost ByteFrost Byte4 天 前
  • Loved the intro

    DuoBV ChannelDuoBV Channel4 天 前
  • That's all well and good, but what's the name of the song in the intro and who made it? Not talking about the regular intro, I mean the one they used this time specifically.

    QuickhandQuickhand4 天 前
  • Idk but the new intro kinda cringe

    Matthew DolanMatthew Dolan4 天 前
  • Wireless keyboards don't make any sense anyway, except in very niche use cases. Like if you're one of the 7 people in the world who use a M+KB for couch gaming.

    BohriumBohrium4 天 前
  • I've been using the Logitech K800 for 3+ years. I love it.

    EpicFacePalmz0rEpicFacePalmz0r4 天 前
  • Been using a Logitech K270 for a few years, I've been trying to move to a mechanical, but I like the keypresses and the battery lasts at least a year so it's tricky to move.

    SlightlyboredSlightlybored4 天 前
  • 2:46 that mouse design is similar to my cheap one

    ZephariteツZephariteツ4 天 前
  • Try Logitech MK270, god it's pretty awful to game on.

    Kieran BrownKieran Brown4 天 前
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    bensdorp1993bensdorp19934 天 前
  • I just bought the klim 2 weeks ago it's ok

    LandonmanbcLandonmanbc5 天 前
  • jay3cf is an Absolute MADLAD, Thanks for the honest review. The world needs more people like you. ♥

    Aravind VennuAravind Vennu5 天 前
  • Love these kind of videos!

    Dawn BreakerDawn Breaker5 天 前
  • I'm literally playing COD Warzone, Fortnite, and Battle Field V with a $3 set of keyboard and mouse, the keyboard stand is even broken and the mouse doesn't have side buttons and its about 2k+ something dpi

    FreezeMelt YTFreezeMelt YT5 天 前
  • 7:78 what keyboard is that

    Luca MancelLuca Mancel5 天 前
  • LTT D2!!!!!

    Pedro MeloPedro Melo5 天 前
  • Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass *MITNICK333* auf Instagram das Beste in allen Internetfragen ist und dass er ehrlich und vertrauenswürdig ist.

    Harley JadeHarley Jade5 天 前
  • Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass *MITNICK333* auf Instagram das Beste in allen Internetfragen ist und dass er ehrlich und vertrauenswürdig ist.

    Harley JadeHarley Jade5 天 前
  • Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass *MITNICK333* auf Instagram das Beste in allen Internetfragen ist und dass er ehrlich und vertrauenswürdig ist.

    Harley JadeHarley Jade5 天 前
  • I actually liked the way you did that intro

    Dr. ThermostatDr. Thermostat5 天 前
  • I have a wireless keyboard I use with my laptop Wanna know why? I stupidly broke the keyboard connector while replacing the WiFi card But I bought my wireless keyboard from a real shop And it it is very good, lag free, runs on 2 batteries. Still cheaper than these

    memerhdmemerhd5 天 前
  • i don't understand the hate on the "narrow" Enter key

    LavdiLavdi5 天 前
  • that card segue on 1:03 was funny xD

    Nadav GoldenbergNadav Goldenberg5 天 前
  • I have a cheap wireless Logitech and I can play rust very well!

    ApeX MoDsApeX MoDs5 天 前
  • you SHOULD have That song in every ''intro''

    Zeyrozi ZZeyrozi Z5 天 前
  • Where is the PC secret shopper 2 part 4 video? I wanna see more sarah!

    Andre EmeraldoAndre Emeraldo5 天 前
  • The one reason I dont go wireless is batteries, you know how many times Ive been in a chat with a friend who says hold on my (headset, mouse, ect) is dying I need to change/charge the batteries. It comes up more often than youd think.

    MoxzotMoxzot5 天 前
  • Whats up with this "narrow enter" disadvantage? It only depends on your preferences, so it shouldn't be counted as a disadvantage

    CMDR Dragovich23CMDR Dragovich235 天 前
  • Narrow enter key is the correct enter key! :)

    AimingAtYouAimingAtYou5 天 前
  • OG G15 still best keyboard EVAR

    xamantoxamanto5 天 前
  • I have a question my drevo keyboard doesn’t have all the colors, is there a way to fix

    OtreyOtrey5 天 前
  • What about the GAMESIR from last cheap wireless keyboard roundup?

    Smash BotherSmash Bother5 天 前
  • I like logitech, they make some good stuff.

    IronOreGamingIronOreGaming5 天 前
  • 5:46 I actually own that one and like it

    Philip Harris JRPhilip Harris JR5 天 前
  • If you use a K350 then you are automatically repelling every human in a 15meter radius.

    Alphenhous plays games!Alphenhous plays games!5 天 前
  • Bring back the old intro music.

    DeepFried Weeb-_-DeepFried Weeb-_-6 天 前
  • Bring back the old intro music.

    DeepFried Weeb-_-DeepFried Weeb-_-6 天 前
  • Goodmorning mr linus hope that you can send me a descent gaming/office pc for my online class because my pc has been messed up by flood from a typhoon greetings here in the philippines hope that u can read this sir thanks 😔

    AjReaperGuyAjReaperGuy6 天 前
  • Ъ

    Глад Валакас ФЭКГлад Валакас ФЭК6 天 前
  • We have a logitech wave k350 at work and it's a decidedly decent board. It's at the shared computer and is always filthy because I work in a park, but the legend has held up well against dirt and grime and scrubbing. And you can't underestimate the value of an ergo board

    crisismcnoodlecrisismcnoodle6 天 前
  • How can I be sure my keyboard doesn't secretly send every stroke to China? Serious question. Is the data transmission to whatever "exe" in Windows encrypted? What if the keylogger sits inside the keyboard? Is there a sniffing tool that let's me check on this?

    Desirable JodieDesirable Jodie6 天 前
  • explodingtnt

    Mike SaxonMike Saxon6 天 前
  • Logi is doing some magic with wireless tech. G305 is simply the best.

    vadim negruvadim negru6 天 前
  • Is anyone noticed weird Intro music? Huhhhhhh? Whyyyy?

    saul irshadsaul irshad6 天 前
  • 0:19 where did you pull that out from????!!!!

    XxepicgamerxX 452XxepicgamerxX 4526 天 前
  • what do you guys think about this: Mainboard Gigabyte b450 aorus elite 1x 82,40 CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 1x 189,99 Ram G.Skll Aegis DIMM Kit 16GB DDR4 1x 51,70 GPU Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 xt oc 8G 1x 199,80 Case Sharkoon RGB LIT 100 1x 56,80 PSU Corsair CX650 650W ATX 2.4 1x 74,71 for an midrange pc?

    Paul NitroPaul Nitro6 天 前
  • Why don't you talk about the klum keyboard?

    Emper0r1Emper0r16 天 前
  • I can't find this on Floatplane. When was it posted there?

    Tor Helge Totland HaukåsTor Helge Totland Haukås6 天 前
  • Wired or go home

    Wayne CruzWayne Cruz6 天 前
  • I do

    Wayne CruzWayne Cruz6 天 前
  • linus email me your pc because i am the king of nigeria and i will showcase your pc in a video to get money so you can make an even better pc. best regards,king of nigeria

    Toucan !Toucan !6 天 前
  • i dont know about gaming but my favourite wireless keyboard for general use is the logitech k380

    michael jeacockmichael jeacock6 天 前
  • Nice. I've had the Arteck for about a year and I've charged it three times. Honestly this is the most comfortable typing board I'v ever owned. I've owned two Logitech wireless boards before and I found both of them needlessly spongy and uncomfortable. My only complaint is that after a whole year I still have no idea what the lock key does, because whatever it locks it sure aint the keyboard!

    SleepDeprived42SleepDeprived426 天 前
  • yes you can Linux. Some of us have wireless keyboards. Edit: wireless also means having a usb receiver thing.

    Badlxck43Badlxck436 天 前
  • Hol up lemme... G A M E

    CummyFcker LCummyFcker L6 天 前
  • i actually use the soak six combo i like it but i mean its an opinion

    exo snowyexo snowy6 天 前
  • Nope I'm good with my Logitech G15, and G 801

    John SmithJohn Smith6 天 前
  • I don't really get people who game with keyboard & mouse. To me joysticks/controllers are far more natural and comfortable.

    Smoki ProductionsSmoki Productions6 天 前
  • All the Logitech items I bought died just after their warranty period ended.

    Shinichi KudoShinichi Kudo6 天 前
  • You can also drink shitty piss beer. But I prefer spending a bit more to get a craft beer. They both will get you drunk. It's just you will enjoy more than the other.

    Austin KeetonAustin Keeton6 天 前
  • Sad he didn’t do the Amazon Basics set. It was the top result!

    infinityfinder21infinityfinder216 天 前
  • I use a Logitech k360 personally

    dreadis darkoredreadis darkore6 天 前
  • what was that intro song

    nesnalicanesnalica6 天 前