You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC!

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Here's a build that you can actually go out and buy despite the recent hardware shortages, but there's a twist...
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  • Streaming games isn't available for me. The best internet I can get is 40 mb down/10mb up, 40ms which is lower than the streaming services' specs. Starlink managed to get me away from 25mb down and a data cap at least. Luckily, I at least still have my 980Ti from 5 years ago.

    StapleCactusStapleCactus小时 前
  • yea its sad people cant get a gpu, i'm still trying to get one but to the point in giving up

    Adam ZawadzkiAdam Zawadzki10 小时 前
  • Man Linus you live in Canada? Me too man

    Dyl Pickle Among UsDyl Pickle Among Us天 前
  • Huh, thought it was illegal to buy a pc, thanks for telling me I can buy one

    QuingPiperQuingPiper2 天 前
  • I paid 200EUR for f... Gtx 1650

    District 76District 762 天 前
  • Mine name is you so built for me 😅

    Suneeta DeviSuneeta Devi2 天 前
  • PC advertising 2 years ago: "it's the fastest PC on the market!" PC advertising now: "It's a PC that you can ACTUALLY buy!!"

    ecart50ecart503 天 前
  • I bought a prebuilt I need a better graphics card I can see rainbow 🌈 on my map every time I play Cold War and war zone

  • I can’t find one graphics card on my budget $400$$for myself

  • When the first glimmers of the pandemic going global started to get people's attention at the beginning of March last year, I decided to move up my planned purchase of a graphics card. I was going to wait until summer but figured there would be supply chain issues because of pandemic effects on the factories in China. (Little did I know just how bad things would get!) I went to Micro Center planning to spend about $300, which would have gotten an RTX 2060 KO or an RX 5600 XT. But they had an open box RX 5700 XT for $300 that day, complete with full warranty and returns and even the free games from AMD.... sold! The open box discount was bigger than usual because Micro Center wasn't planning to restock that particular model of RX 5700 XT card, though later they did when the pandemic hit in earnest and supplies got tight; it would have been a $400 card if they had had unopened ones when I bought it. it's a bit of overkill paired with a lowly Ryzen 2600X which I had grabbed for $80 a bit over a month earlier when Micro Center was selling those off cheap to clear the way for the third generation parts (and you still got the $20 motherboard discount to boot!), but the price was right. I also bought 32 GB of DDR4 (I do software development as well as gaming so lots of RAM is called for) and a B450 motherboard when I bought the CPU; the rest came from my previous system (FX8320 and GTX 560Ti -- please don't laugh). My usual rule of thumb for a balanced gaming system is to spend 1.5x to 2x for the graphics card compared to the CPU, but I treated that special deal 2600X as a $150 CPU for pairing purposes. 1In hindsight, buying when I did was the best decision I made in that entire crazy year. Or perhaps the second best, just behind staying home and staying healthy.

    Shirley Márquez DúlceyShirley Márquez Dúlcey3 天 前
  • New Title is "You Could ACTUALLY Buy This PC!"

    OvaleK OvaleKOvaleK OvaleK4 天 前
  • "It's 8 cores, might be a little low by today's standards" *Looks over at my sleeper with it's 6 core 8700K* "it's ok buddy...atleast you still got 12 threads, and a discrete gpu"

    CB PlaysCB Plays4 天 前
  • Friend bought a 3070 for $1100... which is crazy to think is simultaneously underpaying AND overpaying for that card.

    Benjamin UytiepoBenjamin Uytiepo5 天 前
  • "How many of you have overpayed for a gpu?" bro I can't even afford to underpay let alone more.

    MagnificentPezMagnificentPez5 天 前
  • i wonder who is that lucky person out there who's gonna win the new PC ? I WONDER .

    MD daniyal majid roll no. 60MD daniyal majid roll no. 605 天 前
  • Im sort of gaming on a ryzen 5 3400g, I can upgrade cpu later if I manage to get a GPU

    Michaell XMichaell X7 天 前
  • Whaaaaaaahaaa I get a 2070 super from my brother for my first pc

    Somthing PigsSomthing Pigs8 天 前
  • how much does it add up to im to lasy to do the math

    Beckett Smutz-UlmerBeckett Smutz-Ulmer8 天 前
  • I love how Linus still bashes intel in a super roundabout way so he can stay sponsored

    IJPOIJPO8 天 前
  • 2:33 "For memory, we've chosen 2 8 gig modules" shows 2 16 gig modules

    Naya314Naya3149 天 前
  • 0:07 no monitors were harmed in the making of this video

    Anonymous HamsterAnonymous Hamster9 天 前
  • NO GPU, why bother doing a video... waste of time,,, Probably not the best way to bring in new users

    ComPostComPost9 天 前
  • I buckled and bought a 3070 for way too much...

    snowpaletehdogsnowpaletehdog9 天 前
  • finaaly its here

  • Fuck it, I'll just buy something pre-built cheap.

    SynVelocitySynVelocity9 天 前
  • U can use any garbage pc with GeForce now lmao

    steve gillsteve gill10 天 前
  • Never overpaid for GPUs. Studied the market and became the reference for GPUs amount my group of friends. Got a 3060ti around December, then managed to get 3070s at MSRP for 4 of my friend. A month later, sold the 3060ti and used the market value to pay for my 3070.

    Seb640Seb64010 天 前
  • Got a 3700X upgrade recently because one computer died. Had a GTX 970 card. Fragments in COD, but playable. Yesterday, I got picked for the Newegg Shuffle. Get to upgrade my video card now, without scalper prices. Some dude here is selling a 3090 Strix White for $3500 USD....

    Jason ProckJason Prock10 天 前
  • I just bought a prebuild off IBuyPower for $1900. Im new to PC. Did i get a good deal? Specs: MSI B550 Tomahawk MB AMD Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3070 16Gb (2x8Gb) DDR4 3200mhz 1Tb SSD M.2 NVME 240mm RGB Liquid Cooling CPU cooler Default case/case fan 700 watt PSU M/K included

    imCrackedimCracked10 天 前
  • Hey linus. Could i get a free pc? Literally anything is better than my i7 2nd gen intel hd 3000 laptop. Thx

    bouncyboi 213bouncyboi 21310 天 前
  • 3:08 Me? PogU

    MinuxMinux10 天 前
  • well recently building a pc with 1650 super with 300 USD....

    Black EntomancyBlack Entomancy10 天 前
  • is a 3400g better for gaming????

    Sandy-PebblesSandy-Pebbles10 天 前
  • I have a RTX 3090 FE that I managed to snag at MSRP, so I didn't cave to scalpers for my GPU. What I did end up overpaying for was my CPU. I managed to talk down a scalper for my Ryzen 9 5900X from $1000 to $625 by convincing him that his stock would devalue much more quickly than he would be able to sell it at his listed price. Considering that the Ryzen 9 is about $589 in my area after accounting for local sales tax, I only payed about a $36 markup to get my cpu, which sure, is more than I could have payed... But I needed the CPU ASAP, and I had still managed to stay under budget for my upgrades since I had saved a few hundred dollars on other components that I managed to nab on sale.

    Dr0neshufflerDr0neshuffler10 天 前
  • I grabbed new case new cpu etc and waited for a card to finish my system up for awhile I caved and bought a full built pc, for a 2070 Super just to gut the card for my rig (I had a 1060 6gb), I gave my old card and new computer to someone else in my house looking to upgrade the new computer is pretty decent and runs super well, so I am happy lol Running most games in 4k is pretty sweet.

  • I overpaid for an rtx 2060 ... lost much

    NalaXDNalaXD10 天 前
  • i recently was building my first build and unfortunately... got caught in the crossfire of cryptominers and pcb shortages and was exposed to gpu's that were always 150%+ msrp. my specs are rather low but i'm new to a personal pc and I don't have intention on gaming over 60 fps... right now anyways. i3 4550 8gb RAM 1 TB HDD and a few days ago, i purchased an rx 550 for around $160 i would have bought a better card, but i'm limited to my stock psu and don't have access to externally powering a gpu.

    bleuhbleuh11 天 前
  • I've been recommending the 3200G and 3400G for lower-end machines since the shortages. My brother even managed to snag a 1660 Super right before they climbed in price. That thing costs way more than my 2070 Super did...

    Lira BirdLira Bird11 天 前
  • Can you point me in a direction for building a pc with modern specs but no RGB since I think it looks tacky?

    BiggMunchBiggMunch11 天 前
  • Metric!

    Irwain NornossaIrwain Nornossa11 天 前
  • Graphics card is super expensive in China.😭

    Karcheng LaiKarcheng Lai11 天 前
  • Linus im disappointed this is overly expensive and why not a b450 mother board

    Mark De vriesMark De vries11 天 前
  • anyone know where to get the msi mpg coreliquid in canada?

    Caden McfarlaneCaden Mcfarlane11 天 前
  • I built a new pc for me and my friend at the start of the pandemic just before the whole chip shortage. We both got a GTX1080 for a reasonable price. I never get such luck. I hope the rest of you find a gpu soon too!

    MadCatMadCat11 天 前
  • I’m so glad I picked up my 3090 last December thought it was expensive then and that was at a retail store but what scalpers are charging for a 30series card now it makes mine feel hang in there ppl just wait don’t get ripped off I know it’s fucked but it will be worth it soon

    DizzystjDizzystj11 天 前
  • I payed £180 for a single fan Palit GTX 1050ti

    Different DucklingDifferent Duckling11 天 前
  • I actually didnt start my build till I was able to get a graphics card, once i was able to buy that (and i didnt get to choose) i got lucky and was able to buy a zotac 3070 then a gigabyte aorus 3070, sold the zotac for $50+ extra to get my money and time back (i had to learn to program stock bots and spent like 2 whole weeks juggling notifications from discord twitter and the bot) and THEN bought the rest of the parts, i went with AMD and still havent been able to get the CPU i want 5000 series ryzen, but i can hold out a year or two

    Dj ExitDj Exit11 天 前
  • Hello PC gamers! I bought a Gaming laptop two years ago thinking that it would be a good substitute for a PC. It wasn’t. It is loud and doesn’t have enough RAM for my gaming purposes. I have always wanted to build my own PC, but, until now, that has always been out of my budget. I was wondering if anyone could help me and let me know some good options for parts and a good case for a moderate price (anything that isn’t a ripoff). Thank you fellow gamers!

    TinyTRexTinyTRex11 天 前
  • everyone thought i was dumb for buying a 2080ti when i did

    KamiKami11 天 前
  • Here's a fun bit: performance on Intel integrated graphics on Linux (especially when using Wayland) is easily superior to Windows. Sadly it can be a bit hard to configure, but if you're already interested in trying out Linux and you only have integrated graphics that's a little extra incentive in the case you're on the edge about it.

    inv41idu53rn4m3inv41idu53rn4m311 天 前
  • Too bad, my CPU doesn't have integrated graphics. My GPU just broke 2 weeks ago.

    Felix GrempelsFelix Grempels11 天 前
  • why did CNworld unsubscribe you????

    jake spanerjake spaner12 天 前
  • Which part of this PC that I can buy Linus? I even barely afford the case

    Pra YogiPra Yogi12 天 前
  • i overpaid for an rtx 3070.... but i also built an ESXi server (inspired by 2 gamers 1 cpu) with an e5 2680 v2 10c 20t cpu on a huananzhi x79 (c602) mobo and have 3 windows vm's that are running some more budget friendly cards (rx 560 x 2 and an rx480 that i had in a swap) and carved out 3 machines for friends locally that dont have full setups at the moment to game on via parsec. also added a third ubuntu vm that runs a lan cache so that all three arnt downloading the same stuff over my ISP connection. Pretty cool proof of concept :) ended up with each windows vm getting 4 cores, 16 gigs of ddr3 ecc and either an rt 560 4gb or rx 480 8 gb and pretty reasonable latency even from Montana (where i am) to Seattle where a friend lives (43 ms)

    KaotticcKaotticc12 天 前
  • who else thought they would see a budget build when seeing the title?

    R1_Genee-R1_Genee-12 天 前
  • I caved and bought a used rtx2070 for just under its original MSRP. Got it off Facebook marketplace from a guy that upgraded to a 3000 series.

    Daniel DennettDaniel Dennett12 天 前
  • Does he ever say the total price?

    Joe HenriodJoe Henriod12 天 前
  • Overpaid for a 6700 XT by $150-200, because scalpers. Then found out I actually need a 6800 or better to be compatible with the upcoming driver release in MacOS Big Sur 11.4. 😡

    Ben TBen T12 天 前
  • I don't know. I got a 3070 at Memory Express the day after I requested one. Also an other one I placed on hold (technically I requested anything 3060ti or 3070) was ready to pick up within 3 weeks also at memory express. It was right after christmas when spending usually plumets. So I think it's mostly harder for people who have limited options of stores, live in rural areas or what ever. Everyone else complaining who don't have limited options in stores never even placed a damn backorder to begin with and are afraid of having to wait for nothing, but these airheads are not rational people. LIke not placing a backorder is guaranteed no chance in getting a gpu; not going to the store to see if there are any in stock, is guaranteed 0 chance of getting gpu; not joining discord channels for drop allerts is guaranteed no chances either. I think there are a group of idiots who complain more than they actually try to buy one msrp at a store. To make matters worse 80% of the time they want the EVGA 3080 FTw3 or ROG STRIX specifically, and can't fathom either settling for a 3070 or ponying up for a 3090 gigabyte or msi.

    Emmanuel Galleguillos-CoteEmmanuel Galleguillos-Cote12 天 前
  • Great job, thumbnuts!

    FoldLeftFoldLeft12 天 前
  • Its so satisfying when he instals the *JUICERS*

    Jacob VegerJacob Veger12 天 前
  • spent 900$ on a 3070 because my old gpu broke. Wasn't a good deal but since it's an aorus master and 3070's sell for 1200$ where I live atm, I guess it wasn't the worst possible outcome

    T1m3outT1m3out12 天 前
  • what should I do with a cooler without even a graphics card!

    Ibrahim HasanIbrahim Hasan12 天 前
  • I'm waiting to buy a GPU untill the prices and the stock is reasonable again. Still running my GTX970

    FiftykentFiftykent12 天 前
  • Hey this is now 3k now! Thanks scalpers!

    Phoenix RosePhoenix Rose12 天 前
  • I haven't yet, but I'm probably about to buy something pre-built since I noticed some ominous-looking stains on my video card's PCB and at this point it's more economical to replace the whole 6/7-year-old system than to buy just a video card.

    AeleasAeleas12 天 前
  • Lol even my Ryzen 3 3200G could run CSGO and other games like GTA V at 50 fps without crashing, and that's not even a Zen 2 architecture CPU. I bet those half finished Ryzen builds were either Ryzen 3 3200G or Ryzen 5 3600G (mainly because it fits the budget or else even a 4650G), whose igpus have proven to be on par with 1650 at 900p.

    Ah Shit Here We Go AgainAh Shit Here We Go Again12 天 前
  • How much does that cost all together? Im too lazy to do the math rn.

    Mike swensonMike swenson13 天 前
  • I'm using a Ryzen 5 with AIO to run my games. Not at the top end, but that is due to my small PSU I think. When I plugged in my Quest Rift-S, I lost half my USB ports, everything above the onboard HDMI. so I think my 450 PSU is a bit too small to run the full vega graphics well.

    Dan PearmanDan Pearman13 天 前
  • protip, you can buy ANY gpu as long as it outputs monitor resolution as a stop gap.

    alidanalidan13 天 前
  • I actually managed to snag my GPU for free thanks to personal connections. EVGA Geforce GTX 970. Does what I need it to! Otherwise everything else I wasn't worried about getting my hands on. Cute little 600$ build

    Jacob GaulJacob Gaul13 天 前
  • me? i need one but aint gonna happen is what the world told me

    naz fivenaz five13 天 前
  • anyone else finding it really funny that linus has to write his name again on a water bottle that has his name on it

    frowniefacefrownieface13 天 前
  • wait why did like censor the asus logo lol

    rokierokie13 天 前
  • Wow what we have be looking for this is me before watching 😑

  • I didn’t buy a GPU per se, but I really wanted to try to get my hands on a 3070 or even a 3080. I traded up some spare PC parts. I had an i7-7700K with a 212 EVO cooler, a Maximus IX Code Motherboard with an M.2 SSD and a 5700 XT and unfortunately all I could get was a 3060.

    Aiden HuskyAiden Husky13 天 前
  • Cloud streaming is a godsend during these shortages

    Hillbilly SamuraiHillbilly Samurai13 天 前
  • UHD 750 vs vega 11 = thats a lot of damage , vega 11 is better that UHD 750 LOL

    FireWorksFireWorks13 天 前
  • I overpaid by like $20 on a new msi twin frozer 7 1660 but next day shipping is great

    jaden reedjaden reed13 天 前
  • $150 for an RX 560

    Bryce SalmonBryce Salmon13 天 前
  • Title should be linus makes integrated graphics expensive

    Taste ConnusierTaste Connusier13 天 前
  • I still wonder who builds a gaming pc to run CSGO at 200+ fps or just play Doom just saying there are better games to test out the horsepower

    Snehashis SarkarSnehashis Sarkar13 天 前
  • I love the passive roasts against The Verge.

    BandittBanditt13 天 前
  • What Rig/build would you recommend for music production?

    Danny DempseyDanny Dempsey13 天 前
  • I have not caved. I bought a ps4 pro to quench the gaming thirst for now! Specially I really wanted to play Call of Duty Warzone. I am playing right now with mouse and keyboard (Thank you so much activision!) and still holding on to my Core i7 6700HQ MSI laptop with a 960m :D fun part is, the PC builder instincts in me kicked in and I opened the PS4 Pro, cleaned the heatsink, changed thermal pads and pas and did some weird stuff to help with its cooling. I see my self buying a gaming in a couple of years when prices go down in the mean time, I Will get any ounce of game this PS4 pro offers :D

    Abolfazl SaravaniAbolfazl Saravani13 天 前
  • Got everything now, excluding my RAM, but I had some lying around... current setup: ASRock X570M Pro4 AMD 5950x, recieved it last week for around $1,148.20 (€952) ASUS RTX3070-EK - $1,205.01 (€999) ASUS ROG STRIX 850G White - $237.67 (€196,98)

    Gaetan GourgueGaetan Gourgue13 天 前
  • Isn't the way he mounted the AiO suboptimal/problematic? Afaik the msi mag coreliquid series has the pump integrated into the radiator, and positioning the radiator flat on the top of the system makes it so the pump is at the highest point (or at the same level), allowing for air to be potentially trapped inside the pump (which will increase noise and make the pump wear down more quickly). Thoughts anyone?

    Lasse HahnLasse Hahn13 天 前
  • What I don't understand is that production is apparently so low that even people who ordered an RTX3080 *on launch day* are still waiting for their video card.

    RogerWilcoRogerWilco13 天 前
  • I haven’t caved . . . But man, am I hurting! My GTX 1060 3GB really isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. 😂

    Dave NashDave Nash13 天 前
  • I did not overpay for my rog 3080oc but had to wait 7 months from launch day before it arrived

    RageBRageB13 天 前
  • In Game Design school and was trying to help build a PC for my classmate bit with the shortage that might go into next year and sclapers we said fuck it and found a pre-built so we can get to work right away. But thanks to LTT (secret shopper) y'all helped to narrow down our precise build

    Reginald CasianoReginald Casiano13 天 前
  • Is there a diference on having the fans on the bottom of the rad? Using the same pull config.

    Valentino Alonso NovilloValentino Alonso Novillo13 天 前
  • I bought a rtx 3070 on ebay in November for $750 now that looks like a amazing deal 😅🤷‍♂️

    westregent66westregent6613 天 前
  • I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... When I started planning my PC build back in 2018, I had to decide what GPU I could purchase with what money I had saved up for the specs I had calculated, or match as closely to those specs as virtually possible. I didn't even buy the other parts until I had picked the GPU, since I didn't think it was a good idea to have computer parts just laying around for my build when the apartment manager's son liked to break into people's apartments and steal electronics and tech stuff that he found interesting (the apartment manager actually caught him in the act last July, so now I can leave my tablets and laptops out). As I was searching for the GPU in late 2019, I had caught wind of the outbreak on the other side of the world and I decided, after hearing about the potential of the V*rus spreading to other countries, to choose a GPU as soon as possible. I had been searching for about a year for a decent gaming/video editing GPU for over a year when I decided to drop the 'editing' requirement and just go with a decent gaming GPU and started looking in all of the online storefronts and in computer hardware stores for a good one within my price range. Now, let me tell you something that was so epic, so helpful, and so incredibly nice that a Best Buy employee did for me when I had selected my first (very first) GPU. I had found a GPU on the Best Buy website and wanted to see if it was in stock at the local Best Buy, that my family frequents every year to buy us guys in the family neat tech stuff for Christmas., and saw that there were six in stock, meaning I could wait a day or two to go get one and finally build the computer I had been hiding the parts for behind a locked pantry door. I walked into my local Best Buy (which was around 2 hours away, mind you) and headed straight to their Nvidia GPU section. I started scanning the glass display case for the GPU that I had seen on the site, GTX 1660 (plain) that, at the time, was around 299.99 USD at that particular Best Buy. I probably scanned that Nvidia display case for a good fifteen minutes, not necessarily because I couldn't find the (base) 2660, but because I was just in shock of how many GPUs were not in the case to begin with. I believe, if I remember correctly, the only Graphics cards they had in stock were two 1070s, one 1080, and I believe a handful of 2070s and 2080s... All were outside of my budget range for my planned build. Then, I saw it, a lone 1660 from PNY just sitting at the very bottom of the case, tucked behind two 2070 boxes. I grabbed a Best Buy employee and had him retrieve that GPU, then we both walked up to the register and he rang up the last 1660 in the entire store... but, something didn't add upright... The highest amount of sales tax I should have been charged for the GPU was 6.0% (sales tax differs from town to town, at least in my state) which would make the 299.99 USD 1660 that the Best Buy employee just rng up around 350 - 355 (depending on the Best Buy location). The 1660's price (including tax) was around 400 to 405 USD, which means the card was (base) priced at around 375 to 380 give or take. The employee could see the disappointment on my face since the card was over budget and couldn't be purchased by me. I was about to ask him to put it back, when he pulled a UPC out of a drawer underneath the counter in front of him, voided out the PNY 1660 scan, then scanned the UPC he had in his hand. The register popped up with "NV GTX 1660." He looked at me, smiled, then tucked the UPC back into the drawer. This time the price was just as I had calculated before entering the store, and I began to wonder, 'what GPU did I ACTUALLY grab?' The Employee finished the transaction with me, smiled, and said, "You must be building your first, right?" I nodded, and he replied, "You'll probably get addicted, be careful." and handed me the grey bag with part of the Nvidia box sticking out the top. When I got home, I looked at the receipt in the bag, and the GPU that was Voided out was a PNY GTX 1660 OC Edition... which apparently cost extra for the factory overclock...? I'm unsure about that to be honest... But that Best Buy employee was the nicest employee I had ever encountered at any Best Buy before, or since for that matter. TLDR; I have only met one cool Best Buy employee, and he sold me a more expensive 1660 for the price of a regular one... and probably got fired because of it...

    Akai AmeAkai Ame14 天 前
  • Bought a 3080 FE for £1200 in October. Had buyer's remorse for a while after. Now I'm glad I bought it.

    Gavriel GoldmeierGavriel Goldmeier14 天 前
  • I don't understand, i used to have in 2013 a laptop with intel hd graphics 3000 , 4gb of ram and 3rd gen i3 and i could run games like cs go with no hassle, did the game really get that much heavier?

    Fernando LangeFernando Lange14 天 前
  • “Saved for months to have it pulled away from them by scalpers” yeah that’s me, I’ve had a dead PC sitting on my desk for over a year now, unable to buy parts to get it working again with more up to date parts.

    Deathwish5000Deathwish500014 天 前
  • Im sorry but this is a kinda scummy video. Just tell your fans to buy a cheaper prebuilt that way they actually get a gpu. Not that bad with no gpu?

    Cameron RiceCameron Rice14 天 前
  • I overpaid a scalper for my 3090 Founders edition. But $1800 for a 3090 FE seems like an absolute steal now. Glad I did it when I did and didn't wait.

    Aderas82Aderas8214 天 前
  • Honestly thought you were gonna suggest a pre built as you ca actually buy those, in the UK anyway

    iiElysium xiiElysium x14 天 前