Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea

2021年04月 6日
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PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself with the help of PCPartPicker to determine whether it's better to buy a pre-built PC, or DIY.
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  • Longest 27 minutes 😭

    Aurimas LabanauskasAurimas Labanauskas5 分钟 前
  • Her eyes are reallly blue

    Siddharth SinghSiddharth Singh33 分钟 前
  • The biggest tragedy of all of this is everyone just resigned to paying triple for a graphics card right now. There’s a whole generation of kids who are being pushed out of PC gaming and will never return.

    sushiburpssushiburps小时 前
  • RAM by color is about as useful as case lighting. Who cares if the box over on the other side of the desk, on the shelf, on the floor, whereever glows? I'm not looking at my case. Sorry, too focused on the know the visual output part of the build. visual=where your eyes are supposed to look.

    Kevin BarnardKevin Barnard2 小时 前
  • 13:54 😬my reaction

    FermifireFermifire3 小时 前
  • She is better of whit a MEDION PC !!!!!!

    Manfred KokManfred Kok7 小时 前
  • AWSOME GUIDE!!!! I can build a Performance Engine - BUT.... when it coms to Computers my level of skills is EXACTLY like the girl using logic. I mean seriously, its not funny how id be saying same thing as her in my head as building LOL

    Dani EastDani East9 小时 前
  • This wasn't the video I was expecting, but I loved it! I feel that if she can do it, I can do it XD I considered hiring someone to do the assembly because I was so scared of breaking something (also the thermal paste, that looked like a scary step) but seeing how she wiggled everything and didn't break anything... I think I'll be okay

    Sofía GutiérrezSofía Gutiérrez11 小时 前
  • better than most *cough verge cough* but anxiety is out the roof

    Ian FielderIan Fielder14 小时 前
  • i am in physical pain please stop shaking things

    Charles DupeeCharles Dupee15 小时 前
  • I always build my own but I've been doing it for 20 years, I don't envy anyone having to learn from scratch what's important and what's not. The thought of spending £200 on a motherboard HORRIFIES me.

    Mark RichardsonMark Richardson15 小时 前
  • I would love to see her over analyze ANY situation in the bedroom...

    teknogeek1300teknogeek130015 小时 前
  • For the computer lover/geek, this is amazingly frustrating to watch, especially the shaking and tugging.

    Zed varZed var15 小时 前
  • S R B I'll.keep giving help

    digital subliminal messagesdigital subliminal messages15 小时 前
  • - It's in! - That's what she said!

    Tachankas TentaclesTachankas Tentacles16 小时 前
  • Is sarah John Travolta's daughter?! 😂

    Javad BroJavad Bro17 小时 前
  • Sarah is doing great:)

    Ace II HermitAce II Hermit17 小时 前
  • I find it interesting how mostly wimen (but men as well sometimes, but still mostly wimen) look towards getting something beautful rather then getting something efficient and working...

    How2Code Group LTD.How2Code Group LTD.18 小时 前
  • theres no shame going inteeel

    Elías Emanuel Salinas NuñezElías Emanuel Salinas Nuñez18 小时 前
  • Linus is like Michael from the office screaming "no!"

    Jonathan SinnockJonathan Sinnock18 小时 前
  • She nailed it! Good video :)

    J NiemeläJ Niemelä18 小时 前
  • You can put the IO-Shield in afterwards if you push hard enough i migth have done it that way the first time i build a PC and my cable management looked alsmost as scary as Sarah wiggling the GPU

    M RM R20 小时 前
  • Sarah is exactly how I felt the first time I built my system with a Core-i5 and a GTX 760

    Nathaniel BlackNathaniel Black21 小时 前
  • Adorable and cringe at the same time 😂

    Starwing0Starwing021 小时 前
  • I love watching the master of throwing computer components cringe everytime she does anything whacky lol.

    Gregory OlenovichGregory Olenovich22 小时 前
  • just use r9 ....they r cheep n noone wants them cuz they r so power hungry or 1060 3gb...

    Svetoslav ZhechevSvetoslav Zhechev22 小时 前
  • Who taught her that shaking and wiggling very fragile electronic components was a good idea? That person needs to never be allowed to teach anyone again...

    Neil SiebenthalNeil Siebenthal23 小时 前
  • From the beginning I knew we were in trouble. I saw she still had the IO plate in the bag to the side and was putting the MotherBoard in. I never saw her screw it in but I really hope she did. In fact, I never saw her use any screws. The cooler mishap, the 6/8 pin connector to the 4/8 connection on the board *face palm*, not knowing how to install the SSD....when I built my first computer I looked like a pro compared to this. I need a drink after watching this.

    GeekGirlGeekGirl23 小时 前
  • Wifi is terrible anyway, just use a cable haha

    REDsilkREDsilk天 前
  • 7:44 she asked why is a motherboard called a motherboard 😂

    JoJo ExEJoJo ExE天 前
  • this hurt me

    Timothy RansbyTimothy Ransby天 前
  • Sara TRAVOLTA?!

    Mjh KlopMjh Klop天 前
  • Painful, relatable but satisfying to see her joy in the end.

    LeroyLeroy天 前
  • The last time I shooked the motherboard with the CPU just 'installed'. I dropped the CPU and bent the pins.

    Tan K. W. ClarenceTan K. W. Clarence天 前
  • Her wiggling the graphics card was making me uncontrollably sweat and shake.

    G4TanasG4Tanas天 前
  • hay, don't shit on Samsung optical drives. My SM-352B was quieter and more reliable than all the LiteON and NEC/Sony/Optiarc drives I encountered at the time. It even outlived the Pioneer DVD burner that it was in the same build. It probably still effin works tbh.

    sheik124sheik124天 前
  • Really thinking about buying a pre built that comes with a 30 series just to get one at close to msrp. most pre builts offered now a days for a decent setup with a 30 series in it is the price of the 30 series its self (3rd party obviously )

    GreezyAFGreezyAF天 前
  • But how did she still build the computer better than The Verge?

    xImBeaST12321xxImBeaST12321x天 前
  • Why not give her the manual, for at least a quick scan reading? 😅

    Marcio NevesMarcio Neves天 前
  • I was crying for half an hour while watching this video

    Abdullah Al-HdramiAbdullah Al-Hdrami天 前
  • Anyone else getting Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Ad vibes?

    Richard LatimerRichard Latimer天 前
  • Card

    arsene playsarsene plays天 前
  • I would use built in motherboard G

    arsene playsarsene plays天 前
  • Chill Linus, for someone that has build tons of computers, you are reacting like PC hardware is super fragile, it isnt.. LOL

    d kd k天 前
  • I don't know much about building a pc but I wanted to die when se duck-taped the ssd

    Elon MuskElon Musk天 前
  • Her: I'm going to be careful with everything. Her later: *manhandles everything*

    jesse allenjesse allen天 前
  • she works for linus tech ?

    John ReedJohn Reed天 前
  • Seeing her building a computer is more freaking horrible than doing it😂😂😂😂😂.

    Mayank PerwaniMayank Perwani天 前
  • ........

    PolishFatBoyPolishFatBoy天 前
  • Imagine if this is 1990s... It was simply imposible for somebody than a tech enthusiasts. Not only picking and building, you touched something wrong and literally you get electrocuted (AT) or you kill your PC with the smallest amount of static. Then jumpers, IRQ, conectors that can go in the wrong place easley... Today luckily is so easy.

  • Can someone help me understand why there are no 1660's?

    James EJames E天 前
  • The worst part of this entire video isn't the girl attempting her first build but the the host clutching his pearls and screaming like a karen/gate keeper.....NOW THAT WAS PAINFUL TO WATCH!

    Gorilla UMPGorilla UMP天 前
  • This has more plot, suspense, drama and horror than twilight, 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes!

    Carlos Andrés CortésCarlos Andrés Cortés天 前
  • Yes it really is a bad idea if you dont REALLY know what your doing. It wasnt always like that but I think it is now. Big tech is so shady you cant believe what you read anymore.

    ConspiracyKill HappensConspiracyKill Happens天 前
  • Nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty once in a while, build your own.

    Gorilla UMPGorilla UMP天 前
  • YOLO = You Only Live Once = Do it anyway!

    Jonathan CotnerJonathan Cotner天 前
  • Sarah is not very different from a lot of first time PC builders. I remember building my first from scratch PC, watching a very detailed video (maybe Paul) and pausing it many times along the way. It was stressful as hell and took pretty much an entire morning, but in the end it booted to BIOS then accepted a Windows 7 installation. I was a happy camper, and several dozen builds later, it's gone from being stressful to fun. Except when there are no parts.

    Ranger SmithRanger Smith2 天 前
  • Linus slowly dying inside when people in his company fail at PC building. This sustains me. I grew stronger when she was watching someone other than LTT for help.

    Manuel MolinaManuel Molina2 天 前
  • Pls don’t do that ever again

    SerhatSerhat2 天 前
  • god shes adorable

    davyliciousabledavyliciousable2 天 前
  • Omg...this is obviously his girlfriend......why

    ClayClay2 天 前

    BurrlineeeyGamesBurrlineeeyGames2 天 前
  • So much cringe. 😬

    mektormektor2 天 前
  • Need to make computer Sarah proof to stop the wiggling. just like rocket asking for duck tape to make the bomb baby proof.

    Llanowar GamingLlanowar Gaming2 天 前
  • OMG I f-ing love Madison. LOL Hilarious. Get her in front of a camera already people. More Madison videos = more views/likes = more $$$. It's just a smart business decision! 1 2 3 go!

    John RogersJohn Rogers2 天 前
  • Building them for me is fun but trouble shooting and problem solving hardware is a nightmare especially if you dont got spare parts.

    Llanowar GamingLlanowar Gaming2 天 前
  • Building an AR15 is more difficult but I call it Legos 👀

    Sabi TiSabi Ti2 天 前
  • 07:42 Dude.. What the fuck??? LMAO

    •2 天 前
  • I've just successfully completed my 5th PC build - minus GPU (I just used my existing one) I totally agree - very rewarding... very stressful... lots of fun... and a bit scary when you've spent your own hard earned money. If Linus watched me I think he would cringe/facepalm just as much, maybe not for the same reason as watching Sarah doing her first, but for the amount of time I spend double.. triple... quadruple checking, looking up on the internet, checking a second site and still making the same rookie errors about which cables are more helpful to plug in before you put the mobo in the case - CPU Power/fan controllers, I'm looking at you. I agree with Sarah - Anyone with an interest in buying a PC ought to have a go at building one, at least once in their life. Great video 👍

    SiTrixonianSiTrixonian2 天 前
  • the first few seconds of this gave me a fracking aneurism

  • well. after every 'point' she's doing, she should hear what she's saying :i don't know. And that's the point of all of it.

    urkenturkent2 天 前
    • oooouuhhhhh - so smooothlyyyyyy so what the hack producers think the clip is for ? ? ? ? ??????? I DE INSTALLED IT GUYS - I'm n o t your 'clipper' hope someone say's it to them the right way they could hear it

      urkenturkent2 天 前
    • the graphix adapter is sixess-fully installed. jesus maria - - - - - pleasssse don't . . . . . . . . . noooaaahahhhhhhh

      urkenturkent2 天 前
    • i think buying a complete computer is too pre-built . . . . it's just too boring i comparison building one

      urkenturkent2 天 前
  • this has made me literally 100x more comfortable with building a pc. gonna try it when I need to replace my pc.

    Brent RobarBrent Robar2 天 前
  • Typical. This girl needs to stick to pre builds

    Orlando SolisOrlando Solis2 天 前
  • No, building your own computer is not a bad idea, scalping is.

    N Gauge England -Synthematix-N Gauge England -Synthematix-2 天 前
  • *WARNING* **DO NOT LET NORMIES BE NEAR COMPUTER PARTS!!!** Buy them a pre-built instead.

    IzzatIzzat2 天 前
  • it may be look simp but her eye color is amazing . . . does anyone know its color code?

    mohammad ali sadeghimohammad ali sadeghi2 天 前
  • Linus is like , cringe as AF

    Neptune Walker#21484Neptune Walker#214842 天 前
  • shake shake shake ... shake your build ... shake your build - i think linus should shake all his builds

    NotMuchHere27709NotMuchHere277093 天 前
  • Is it in? Sarah said while shaking the pc softly

    Noone2007Noone20073 天 前
  • sarah youre awesome

    Vagn IllioVagn Illio3 天 前
  • linus finally put the advertixments at the end

    Joseph BartholomewJoseph Bartholomew3 天 前
  • People may be laughing at her, turning components upside down and shaking them, but if this PC is ever going to be shipped with the postal service, this test is just the beginning.

    Todor TodorovTodor Todorov3 天 前
  • 26:23 "Just like how I nail Sarah down to the ground"

    White Night DemonWhite Night Demon3 天 前
  • I feel like this video was harsh on her.

    Julius BeltranJulius Beltran3 天 前
  • Linus: nailed it Sarah, just like I nail(cringing, worrying were this will go) our sponsor segways

    TJ MillerTJ Miller3 天 前
  • 25:48 Fun!!! yaa for u it was................ but for the person who paid it it was a heart attack

    Sidhireddy AneeshSidhireddy Aneesh3 天 前
  • daam my heart was about to leap out when she was putting in the GPU

    Sidhireddy AneeshSidhireddy Aneesh3 天 前
  • Lay it down!!! Why does she not lay it down so she’s not installing things on the side of a cliff?

    Arudnik GwesstechnykoArudnik Gwesstechnyko3 天 前
  • "I don't know what I need to be gentle with so I'm going to be gentle with everything" VIOLENTLY SHAKES AND DROPS AND WIGGLES EVERYTHING 😭😭😭 love her enthusiasm tho

    Zoe PermafrostZoe Permafrost3 天 前
  • I never got to build my pc due to the stuffs, and just watching Sarah handle the GPU gave me nightmares, even if it was a 1660 series the market is so dry rn

    KriegKrieg3 天 前
  • I have a huge crush on Sarah, and I don't care how creepy that comment sounds.

    Billy EveryteenBilly Everyteen3 天 前
  • this fun when girl build pc

    Grow UpforuGrow Upforu3 天 前
  • It's not that bad as a non gamer. Good job 👏👍

    Vikasitha WijerathneVikasitha Wijerathne3 天 前
  • What is scarier? Sarah violently shaking her "new" build to ensure all the pieces were in place, or when Linus drops something? Oh... and did anyone even notice she did not screw down her motherboard?

    James CannonJames Cannon3 天 前
  • The problem here is that no one ever reads a manual or in this case, prepares for an installation (like Linus alluded to). Sarah is a University educated graduate. It is logical to read up on things before even attempting to do something you have no experience in doing. All Linus has done is make one of his employees look stupid and for me, I feel that she is just as dumb as she looks in this video. Oh well, this is his show and his business after all.

    Daniel GohDaniel Goh3 天 前
  • To be fair, everybody had to start somewhere and i think Sarah did fine and i guess better than a lot of people.

    Philipp KlementPhilipp Klement3 天 前
  • WTF???

    Jedi MasterJedi Master3 天 前
  • And my only pc is MacBook Pro 15” mid2010…

    Joshua ChristensenJoshua Christensen3 天 前
  • Things have improved marginally since the Athlon era. There is no way that CPU would have survived an installation by Agent Sarah! It lacked an IHS and was easily damaged during heat sink installation.

    DestherDesther3 天 前
  • I felt physical pain watching this.. guess I will get nightmares today of someone shaking me over and over again.

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann3 天 前