AMD did NOT disappoint me

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After nearly a decade struggling under Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs, AMD’s Radeon is finally back on top - Assuming AMD’s marketing was true. But is there enough here to recommend?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • They disappointed me... With their pitiful amount of stock.

    Brett the BehemothBrett the Behemoth9 分钟 前
  • Bad time to be a gamer. No GPUs in stock,no new CPUs stock and no new consoles in stock. Nice

    Emily AnEmily An小时 前
  • I'm waiting until AMD has the same features as Nvidia to upgrade so the competition can heat up... by then I should actually have time to play games or try some GPU compute programming. For now my 1070ti is fast enough to hold on for a while since I don't have any new games and still play at 1080p.

    DaltonDalton4 小时 前
  • @Linus what is the point of comparing native resolution to upscaled dlss?

    gatto_nerogatto_nero7 小时 前
  • What about 3d rendering

    subramanya arusubramanya aru7 小时 前
    • Can't wait to get my hands on these cards in two years.

      Emily AnEmily An小时 前
  • I dont own any pc. But still this is entertainment.

    Megundawg TVMegundawg TV11 小时 前
  • Change the title already

    Huraira QureshiHuraira Qureshi14 小时 前
  • He’s a Handsome Devil isnt he

    FreightDawgFreightDawg15 小时 前
  • 69 xt nice

    sajidur rahmansajidur rahman15 小时 前
  • I’m waiting for the 7900xt 5nm gpu for my hackintosh

    ThotSlayer69ThotSlayer6915 小时 前
  • Question: Which CPU is compatible with the RX 6000 series GPU to allow smart access memory tech works ? Thanks for answering. REgards

    Franck RkscFranck Rksc18 小时 前
  • Are stream processors AMD's version of CUDA cores, or something?

    WorthlessDeadEndWorthlessDeadEnd19 小时 前
  • What are you talking about!!! in a country like Bangladesh we got plenty of RTX 3070 and 3080

    Enam KhanEnam Khan21 小时 前
  • Title: AMD did not disappoint me literally the whole video: telling how RTX 30-series is better than the new Radeon.

    James DongJames Dong22 小时 前
  • I just want something that's better than my 1050ti graphics card (overclocked) that I wont have to upgrade in a year but I can still somewhat afford

    volksvloggervolksvlogger23 小时 前
  • A lot of the issues just sound like what we dealt with when Ryzen was new. Drivers not being optimized for AMD hardware mostly. Time will tell if things improve.

    minij hooiminij hooi23 小时 前
  • I have a 7970 in my gaming pc and i can play ulta 4k on pretty much most games at about 30fps... that card was and still is a beast despite its age! I build this pc about 7-8 years ago and I'm so glad I went for the 7970, the only upgrade I've done since i built it was putting an ssd in it!

    Marcus de WardenerMarcus de Wardener天 前
  • well done, too bad i'm late

    KyleKyle天 前
  • The title to this video is misleading click-bait: In distillation, this review gives AMD a participation award for continuing to improve their GPU performance, but acknowledges that performance cannot stand with NVIDIA GPU’s, and are not good choices for video editors, or even some games- opinions supported by benchmark and performance reviews in numerous other places. A new GPU that underperforms in the same currently available price class of cards does “NOT disappoint”? Really? Unfortunately, people who don’t follow reviews to their conclusion (such as a friend who offered this very video as “proof” I should go with AMD) will make the wrong decision because of your misleading, self-serving click-bait title. I could never subscribe to someone who has the ethics of a cheap tabloid.

    B. B. KayeB. B. Kaye天 前
    • Awesome video!

      minij hooiminij hooi23 小时 前
  • Can't wait to get my hands on these cards in two years.

    SoledOut SCSoledOut SC天 前
  • Realistically who actually gives a shit about ray tracing all it does is ruin your frame rate

    Yianni CharalambousYianni Charalambous天 前
    • If you don't care about eye candy then just buy a $150 GPU and play games at low settings.

      bassheadbasshead天 前
  • What is AMD response for dlss?

  • Sounds like he’s harsh on AMD. AMD says their doing RT is different than Nvidia in their implementation and the rest of the features I don’t think people really care about. Hardware unboxed video makes sense in my opinion

    kevinkevin天 前
    • @Doom Wraith true it’s a niche thing at the moment. I’m glad both companies are being competitive

      kevinkevin天 前
    • RT is diffrent and far worse. And lots of people care about it.

      Doom WraithDoom Wraith天 前
  • Day 148 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

    DavidDavid2 天 前
  • My pc is Red and Green Best Combo

    Papa StalinPapa Stalin2 天 前
  • What does 3070 DLSS mean and why is it so much better than the standard one? 2:38 stand no chance against amd, 3070 is the only card under which is like 300 usd less than a 6800, all others are better with or without DLSS, hmm

    ExumExum2 天 前
    • With or without dlss, amd is sh*tty with raytracing on.

      Doom WraithDoom Wraith天 前
  • Looks like amd is loosing.. But at 8k gaming.. Nvidia really sucks....

    Jay PatelJay Patel2 天 前
  • How to enable rtx on amd cards?

    AlumlovescakeAlumlovescake2 天 前
  • That last second jab at NVidia in the end there 😂

    Dennis MadrigalDennis Madrigal2 天 前
  • this card cant do machine deep learning :(

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro GirlHarley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl2 天 前
  • Real shame that there's no way to buy a video card. Industry is a fail boat lately.

    Kingsley ZissouKingsley Zissou2 天 前
  • 3:17 haha he said but

    BushidoKiBushidoKi2 天 前
  • nvidia created their own playing field (ray tracing) marketed it and partnered with game creators and now hold a complete monopoly on it, of course competitors will lag a couple generation behind , for now I wont spend anything on a new card while the future is uncertain lets wait for the competitor's R&D to catch up

    Julius Michael HonradaJulius Michael Honrada2 天 前
    • Nice looking?

      hen kohen ko2 天 前
  • DLSS isn't that good. You cannot upscale low res frames by using data from a previous high res frame and motion vector information. The reason is simple: 1/3 of the time you strafe the camera fast and those frames don't have a relation, so you just have low internal res. Another 1/3 you strafe slowly and again far objects are just low res wile the main character closer to you looks ok. Just the last 1/3 of the time you standing still or moving straight and from than 1/4 is a high res frame and the rest upscaled. The correct comparison should be done vs Radeon Boost with similar settings as the DLSS level. As for RT just wait for games with FidelityFX SSSR and Denoiser, today's RT is optimized for NV.

    Art ArtiArt Arti3 天 前
  • Who needs rtx on when you can get real life on with Radeon 6000 series

    Kaiju0013Kaiju00133 天 前
  • amd shouldn't have ray tracing in the first place that technology is fucking useles.

    Steve BourbonSteve Bourbon3 天 前
    • So you are a guy who likes to play games at low settings and don't care about eye candy?

      bassheadbasshead天 前
  • Finally an honest and complex review that contains hardware video encoding, AI tensor cores apps, and raytracing. Not only graphs the FPS in games. AMD is a long way from reaching Nvidia performance.

    pinkdiamond82pinkdiamond823 天 前

    knowitfirstknowitfirst3 天 前
  • i can't afford any of those but i still watch this

    tony asseytony assey3 天 前
  • Not gonna lie, the 7970 looked sexy.

    Vinny VVinny V3 天 前
  • Schiopu Pussy Slayer 69 has a rtx 3080 and he is not happy :\

    Andreui321Andreui3213 天 前
  • AMD taken over

    Obina ytObina yt3 天 前
  • DLSS 2.0 is just too good not to have. Sorry AMD but it's a dead easy choice to continue with Nvidia.

    DrR1pperDrR1pper3 天 前
  • "They had us in the first half not gonna lie"

    Gin YoshidaGin Yoshida3 天 前
  • A lot of the issues just sound like what we dealt with when Ryzen was new. Drivers not being optimized for AMD hardware mostly. Time will tell if things improve.

    JoannaJoanna3 天 前
  • You forgot RX6900???

    New World ForwardNew World Forward3 天 前
  • 499$ 3070 lol good luck with that 😂

    Onn SightOnn Sight4 天 前
    • AMD GPUs are more overpriced than nVIDIA GPUs tho.

      bassheadbasshead天 前
  • Well it looks like all of us are still screwed to game in 4K and will have to wait until next gen to buy these cards used.

    vampovvampov4 天 前
    • are more 3xxx comparable.

      JoannaJoanna3 天 前
  • Well this title aged like milk...

    HisFatnessHisFatness4 天 前
  • Minecraft saved NVIDIA lol

    EtenicEtenic4 天 前
  • The prices in Sweden are so high that its going to kill AMD RX6800= 900$ ?? and the RX 6800 XT costs even more!, that is in stores, so I think Nvidia cards have a biger chans to succed with ther sales. :( Wold be nice if other GPU makers did do something about this, old school ( powervr redition matrox and others came back to deliver some new GPUS)

    rddr41rddr414 天 前
  • Imagine using OBS to encode and expecting to have any cpu cycles to spare.

    SullySadfaceSullySadface4 天 前
  • Please use timestamps thanks

    RageRage4 天 前
  • Nope, I don't use DLSS, I don't like this idea. Quality is important!

    FlopsPLFlopsPL4 天 前
    • @basshead From couple days I got 3080 :D But AMD cards are awesome too!

      FlopsPLFlopsPL14 小时 前
    • If you care about quality and eye candy then you should get a nVIDIA GPU.

      bassheadbasshead天 前
  • I’m confused, all I’m seeing is amd getting out preformed 😂

    mikin liroumikin lirou4 天 前
    • I am confused how he enabled rtx on amd cards

      AlumlovescakeAlumlovescake2 天 前
  • I don't know u guys...I am super disappointed about this fake launch...

    Terrence LiTerrence Li4 天 前
  • They disappointed!

    michiganbasemaniacmichiganbasemaniac4 天 前
  • i got so confused at the 11:00 min mark.. i thought that guy showed nvidia gfx cards but there he's infront of amd radeon? did he swap companies?

    daam Burnt toastdaam Burnt toast4 天 前
  • The beard looks better than a mask that don't do anything at all...

    White MoogleWhite Moogle4 天 前
    • graphic processing)

      mikin liroumikin lirou4 天 前
  • 2:17 imagine using twitter without dark mode.

    Ukris RecordsUkris Records4 天 前
  • Still rocking my R9 390X Surprisingly good for 1080p gaming, can handle every game I've thrown at it gracefully.

    Andy AndeeeeAndy Andeeee4 天 前
  • RDNA3 on way !

    Przem084Przem0845 天 前
  • I mean, you can't buy any GPUs at the moment anyway but I think the AMD 6xxx series would be more fairly compared to the RTX 2xxx series. As you said, last gen ray tracing. Plus, you've not got a 6900 XT to compare here. Having said that, there's no denying that AMD are still behind Nvidia on that basis. Maybe we'll gen a 6xxxx Gen 2 set of cards that are more 3xxx comparable.

    Edward TearEdward Tear5 天 前
  • the Linux community be hopping on this AMD GPU train

    Night FallNight Fall5 天 前
  • Nice try Linus! You had to brag on about raytracing performance as if that was the main reason why people buy cards these days👏

    1-Reality1-Reality5 天 前
  • AMD got so full of itself that they thought they could beat the 3070 whilst charging 80$ more.

    Kami samaKami sama5 天 前
  • Damn exchange rate, over $1000 AUD

    RibZe1RibZe15 天 前
  • nope , I am not spending shit on these.

    futadorefutadore5 天 前
  • So basically a 3080 with slightly shittier RT performance.

    CrackerTweakCrackerTweak5 天 前
    • Honestly if you gonna do pure gaming ONLY then maybe the 50bux cheaper is like ehhhh okay If you're gonna do for productivity as well just go geforxe

      Qibcentric's PlaygroundQibcentric's Playground2 天 前
    • Yes but cheaper and with more VRAM

      Magnus RasmussenMagnus Rasmussen5 天 前
  • Hey Linus and Co. Any chance you could do a build for KoolKingLogan? Kid loves gaming, is having a hard go of it and is a lil champion.

    Kris CunzKris Cunz5 天 前
  • So it's finally almost as good? Progress, I'm supporting the cause and going AMD this time.

    FroztiProductionsFroztiProductions5 天 前
  • This video felt like about 13 minutes and 7 seconds of Linus dunking on the 6800XT... But I do have to say this. People in the comments are really acting like ray tracing is something people super care about. Well, spoiler alert, it's not really a feature that people super care about. The frame rate boost and DLSS are the main things that gamers care about, and while ray tracing is a completely nice thing to have, you can still game at a good graphical quality *without it.*. My point is, *You don't need Ray Tracing to game, and you don't even need it to game at a good graphical setting.* You only need it to game if you want your games to look like the realest games in the world. And most people would be completely fine if it didn't exist for personal gaming use for a little longer. That being said, RTX is still a completely nice feature that many people use, and if you want a feature and have the money, go ahead. AMD focused on the biggest thing, the frame rate improvement, which is more than enough reason to buy a 6800XT. DLSS needs to definitely implemented, and it should be able to handle ray tracing a lot better. But just saying that NVIDIA is better because of ray tracing only is *not fair*. The 6800XT showed its power in the standard gaming department, it's something that I do thing NVIDIA should be scared of. That being said, I *do think the 3000 series are the better card.* But for the price that the 6000 series is available at, and for the good standard gaming FPS boost, AMD is a *viable option.*

    Justin HardinJustin Hardin5 天 前
  • I wonder if all game developer are in favor of Nvidia, seems AMD GPU update struggles those software issue in games, and may ended up toward industrial use (render farming, big data processing) and Industrial developer might favor AMD gpu. (comparing nvidia features that are flavors for streamer to AMD gpu with only rich in rendering and graphic processing)

    w/Game:w/Lifew/Game:w/Life5 天 前
    • @bowen voowy well that sucks, that's the reason I buy first fully high spec monitor before I build pc for future proofing (I bought ROG STRIX XG32VC) since having best monitor can see the lengths and limits the performance of the gpu.

      w/Game:w/Lifew/Game:w/Life5 天 前
    • i ordered a rx6800 off newegg, but cancelled the order bc I realizes my monitor wasnt freesync capable :(

      bowen voowybowen voowy5 天 前
  • Can anybody please tell me if DLSS is resolution dependent? Does it require specific resolutions? I am running 32:9 5120x1440 120Hz.

    NamelessNameless6 天 前
    • @basshead Thank you for the link! It looks like that DLSS 2.0 is not resolution dependent.

      NamelessNameless天 前
    • @Nameless Seems like it doesn't require specific resolutions.

      bassheadbasshead天 前
    • @bowen voowy An answer to my question. But for some unknown reason, you write what you write. You know, you don't have to answer my question. Nobody is forcing you.

      NamelessNameless5 天 前
    • what will satisfy you anyways.

      bowen voowybowen voowy5 天 前
  • imagine spending £500+ on a graphics card and getting 12FPS in Minecraft :D

    Andy RylesAndy Ryles6 天 前
    • Lol

      Magnus RasmussenMagnus Rasmussen5 天 前
  • When it comes to SAM, it needs to be enabled at the software level for it to be used to capacity, and when it does, it probably won't affect FPS much still, but, it will reduce load times by quite a bit. *By at software level, I mean that games need to be coded to take advantage of the newly available bandwidth.

    balduran7balduran76 天 前
    • Hmm yeah that could be something potentially huge. Will be interesting to see if it does reduce load times.

      Magnus RasmussenMagnus Rasmussen5 天 前
  • they may not have disappointed you (due to they sent you cards to try out and probably keep) but they disappointed the world by having next to no stock and 0 protection against scalping bots!

    Xan ToshXan Tosh6 天 前
  • Out of stock :(

    Jacek SiminskiJacek Siminski6 天 前
  • I think these MSRP comparisons are really only applicable in the US, provided you got one of the reference cards. In my country ( România) the 3070 starts at roughly 850 US dollars. I'm hoping I can get an rx 6800 tomorrow which is about 800 dollars here. Between the two, I like the 16gb vram on the RX 6800 and I don't care all that much about the other features.

    Ghete DenisGhete Denis6 天 前
  • Team red is competitive again

    Mathieu LMathieu L6 天 前
  • The ray tracing maturity of the NVIDIA cards gives it the edge as far as I am concern..

    WebDevWebDev6 天 前
  • Linus: "Unwatchable" Me: *sees no difference :D *

    Ryan C. OrrockRyan C. Orrock6 天 前
  • I am using GeForce 210 can you please give me a better graphic card because I cannot afford

    chahat preetchahat preet6 天 前
  • Had 3 video cards from amd and last one i bought is nvidia 1080, i got once dead on arival by amd and once died on me after 2 weeks, every single amd card died soon after warranty ran out eather few weeks after or 2,5 year old. Had no issues whatsoever from nvidia in 4-5 years now. I for sure am willing to pay 50dollar premium if that means double or triple the lifespan, also when i want to change grapich card i can get some money back for working card, not soo much for a dead one. Im not touching amd gpus

    SandwitchSandwitch6 天 前
  • I really want that Ryzen 9 5900x and 3080 but they're both sold out :(

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez6 天 前
  • Plot twist, scalpers are just undercover AMD employees

    Green alienGreen alien6 天 前
  • AMD is missing one legacy feature, theyre no longer price competitive.

    bowen voowybowen voowy6 天 前
  • 1:13 69, nice

    ProPlayz 1234ProPlayz 12346 天 前
  • CPU: AMD GPU: Nvidia

    Triple INCTriple INC6 天 前
    • @rigbyme It's just weird, like wearing a suit with rain boots AMD CPU + AMD GPU = Nice Intel CPU + nVIDIA GPU = Nice AMD CPU + nVIDIA GPU = Weird Intel CPU + AMD GPU = Weird

      bassheadbasshead天 前
    • Is that suppose to be a problem? Nvidia does not work with intel or amd. But still all the people pair Nvidia with intel, but reality Nvidia likes amd more..

      rigbymerigbyme5 天 前
    • glasswire glasswire all sponsors are glasswire

      bowen voowybowen voowy6 天 前
  • Using DLSS is effective decreasing your game screen size then stretching it to fit the current resolution. Say you have a 1440p resolution it might render it in 1080p and scale it back to 1440p. You'll loose finer details doing so. So hell yes it is cheating. It isn't actually rendering in the resolution it is being compared in it is just up-scaling. I hope AMD never does an equivalent to DLSS because stupid. If you are going to use DLSS you might as well just set the resolution to the lower scaled image because apparently that is what will satisfy you anyways.

    Diconica BastionDiconica Bastion6 天 前
    • Mate you clearly have no idea about what DLSS is. It’s not just ordinary upscaling, it’s actually extremely sophisticated. Distant objects like tree branches, power lines, and text is actually looing better vs native resolution even with 2x resolution scaling (performance mode).

      Magnus RasmussenMagnus Rasmussen5 天 前
  • i ordered a rx6800 off newegg, but cancelled the order bc I realizes my monitor wasnt freesync capable :(

    Alec FortinAlec Fortin6 天 前
  • 12:03 sums up the entire AMD debacle.

    SpoonySpoony6 天 前
  • Everyone complaining about stock levels are just impatient af. I went to the store, ordered a 3080 and waited 2 weeks to get it just chill tf out its not the end of the world.

    Papa TacoPapa Taco6 天 前
  • Honestly I think amd's design looks great compared to nvidia's.

    RandomGamer Pc/Ps4 videosRandomGamer Pc/Ps4 videos7 天 前
  • So basically with a CPU I can't buy, and a GPU that's paper launched.. if I win the GPU+CPU lottery, then its worth it.. ? Sounds retarded. Definitely disliking this video.

    RaidenRaiden7 天 前
  • Looking at the links and I'm seeing Ryzen 9 5950 lol for half a sec I went holy shi*

    DustinDustin7 天 前
  • I'd love to see a comparison of nvenc vs ReLive vs software x264 on OBS and x264 on vMix.

    Cheyenne MeyerCheyenne Meyer7 天 前
  • No wonder, NVIDIA is giving them all to you guys lol

    BurritoMagnificoBurritoMagnifico7 天 前
  • My GTX 1080 is crying

    BijiMustardGas1988BijiMustardGas19887 天 前
  • You can argue all you want but nvidia simply has better graphics cards. Though my rx 580 wont be replaced anytime soon its awesome, unless they release 3060 with a solid price

    Cellar DoorCellar Door7 天 前