The Herd Mentality PC

2020年11月 2日
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Good luck everyone! The giveaway is open to US and Canada excluding Rhode Island and Quebec (regional sweepstakes laws make global sweepstakes near impossible). We'll post the winner here, in the entry form, and on Newegg social. Enter here:

    Newegg StudiosNewegg Studios24 天 前
    • *Sad Quebec noises*

      ChronologicalLogicChronologicalLogic12 天 前
    • *cries in european*

      CookiesForEveryoneCookiesForEveryone23 天 前
    • Why is rhode island excluded? Quebec makes sense, since it‘s quebec and never conforms but rhode island?

      deccnodeccno23 天 前
    • Is it open to the Caribbean? specifically Trinidad and Tobago

      Andell KeithAndell Keith23 天 前
    • Too Bad am From Philippines and a Fan :(

      tonting ekupskipaytonting ekupskipay23 天 前
  • RGB is definitely a non-factor for the normal DIY builders... it is basically being promoted by the manufacturers and some idiot youtubers for their share. I've built like dozens of system as professional system builders and as a hobbyist, only 10-15% were RGBed as per the customer request.

    Umbar powerUmbar power41 秒 前
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Nikhil Kumar DalaiNikhil Kumar Dalai2 小时 前
  • Let’s go send it my way

    Judd HubbertJudd Hubbert5 小时 前
  • lmao 2.1 million entries on the giveaway

    St1nkySausageSt1nkySausage8 小时 前
  • Hi well I thought I reply I always watch and I guess my odds are better here than getting a ps5 lol and my 1080 is strong be can use a upgrade happy holidays guys

    talmadge Carrtalmadge Carr10 小时 前
  • I've never seen Linus look off camera to read so much

    J MJ M13 小时 前
  • Wow, what a cute and well-behaved kid =) .

    BozobubBozobub13 小时 前
  • you cannot participate in the giveaway if your living in europe? or did i overlook something in the terms and conditions?

    Benjie/ LordUnsinkbarBenjie/ LordUnsinkbar13 小时 前
  • If this PC reflects herd mentality...Mooo!

    Ryan LucasRyan Lucas14 小时 前
  • 11 Entries from Sweden! Huge fan, Love your channel! I estimated my chances are as of now are only about 0.0000052%, and the odds are not really increasing.. BUT this is the first giveaway i have ever made in time to enter so lets hope for the best x)

    Linus BodénLinus Bodén16 小时 前
  • US and Canada only T.T

    Sandra HolmSandra Holm16 小时 前
  • 4:52 bruh i'm dead 😂😂

    VoxooleyVoxooley17 小时 前
  • 15:35 good

    Frvis ToasterFrvis Toaster20 小时 前
  • I ordered a Noctua DH-15 cooler, listed as compatible for Intel LGA1151 socket, and it only came with AMD mounting hardware in the box, from NewEgg. Using 2 different bracket sets, and one of them mounted up-side-down, I managed to just about line up the holes with the LGA1151 socket holes, and made it work. Long story short; BEWARE online hardware purchases. Returns and RMA are the biggest pain in the ass, so much so, it's often not worth going through.

    enigmaPLenigmaPL21 小时 前
  • why is the motherboard asexual? ( i am just joking)

    Tóth MárkóTóth Márkó22 小时 前
  • did linus just say that samsung only makes ssds?

    Theo StraussTheo Strauss23 小时 前
  • okay so, hold on. I have the video paused. I'm about 1 minute in. IS THAT A PRINTER CASE lmfao

    Conner CunninghamConner Cunningham天 前
  • i am 14 and from south asia and i can join the giveaway and my PC sucks it's 10 yrs old model

    War Fear 1971War Fear 1971天 前
  • It's how I build most of my PC's

    James TaylorJames Taylor天 前
  • oof

    BissmiBissmi天 前
  • Good luck everyone! The giveaway is open to US and Canada excluding Rhode Island and Quebec (regional sweepstakes laws make global sweepstakes near impossible). We'll post the winner here, in the entry form, and on Newegg social. Enter here:

    Ben ShaerBen Shaer天 前
  • Linus, how amazing does it feel that your baby is interested in what you are doing? It's the best man. Good job!

    Kenny MKenny M天 前
  • Hmmm Newegg giving out all these cards but yet no stock ....

    Thanh NguyenThanh Nguyen天 前
  • 11:51 "super easy to install" Famous last words

    JHJH天 前
  • How do I sign up to the giveaway

    Gi-me-the-game NERD!Gi-me-the-game NERD!天 前
  • Would love to win 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    Kim WindsorKim Windsor天 前
  • 17:18 ... and another thing I missed ... on bright side I only have now 750 videos to go, to catch up to today ... plus the ones I can't have running in background (cause they have no voice in it and all is done in text on screen)

    MrMegaPussyPlayerMrMegaPussyPlayer天 前
  • The wholesome father daughter build will never not be wholesome.

    Bonnie BishopBonnie Bishop天 前
  • Throwing AMD in a Intel Dis is how meny people give a f*ke 👇

    Franken stynFranken styn天 前
  • I wish linus was my dad

    Sammy MasscheleinSammy Masschelein天 前
  • Linus has a daughter ????? 👀

    MoonDogMoonDog天 前
  • For me the most compactable were Linus and his daughter. I am from India, I am trying to build a system but running into issues of supply of parts and price. I am very very jealous of the prices there. It's sometimes even 40% that that of US/ Canada.

    Phoenix PostPhoenix Post天 前
  • idk if the cpu fan was a good joke but he needs to cool it with the puns

    prince salazarprince salazar2 天 前
  • *eggcellent* build Linus!

    Amal Joe AbrahamAmal Joe Abraham2 天 前
  • All these builds and giveaways but not a single one for me :( Make one Pakistan exclusive so I get a chance to win my dream build which isn't anything more than a R5-2600, B450 and 1660Ti

    Akashi SeijuroAkashi Seijuro2 天 前
  • Could you please help us to test this product. it is good performance.

    田凯群田凯群2 天 前
  • that case is absurd (the mobo price likewise), the rest seemed workable enough. I'm also part of the "RGB is irrelevant" crows, i'm also not interested in clear side panneling on my cases which has made looking at cases rather interesting as everysupplier seems to have a heavy focus on those 2 things. all i care about is a decent fit case with simple lines and no jagged edges, a remarkably tough thing to find.

    IMMentatIMMentat2 天 前
  • "I want Apples" Linus - The Betrayal....

    IsaacDDestroyIsaacDDestroy2 天 前
  • Me from the Philippines: "oh, US and Canada only" 😔

    Ed PaulEd Paul2 天 前
  • I would love to own this monster PC. Is the giveaway already over?

    ShiiShaniShiiShani2 天 前
  • "not in stock anywhere" *Just give them 2

    light peachlight peach2 天 前
  • You’re european : 🙂 There is a giveway : 🙂 It says for US and CANADA only : 🥲

    guzzi 789guzzi 7892 天 前
  • Make a video about rtx 3060s and 3050s please

    AlienBros.AlienBros.2 天 前
  • *see's the PC case I'm using in the video* *happy noises*

    Osean KittyOsean Kitty2 天 前
  • can i has pc..?

    Felipe CavalcantiFelipe Cavalcanti2 天 前
  • This is the shortest fastest build Linus has ever done.

    Jarod StrainJarod Strain2 天 前
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    Masud KhanMasud Khan2 天 前
  • i just died and im really sad would like pc

    JagMasterSuvoJagMasterSuvo2 天 前
  • my darling (linus tech tips 2020)

    Anubis YTAnubis YT2 天 前
  • RGB hype is overrated. It is an almost useless feature.

    devoker666devoker6662 天 前
  • The biggest issue I have with this build is that the chassis is large and unwieldy. It's for people who have lots of room to spare.

    unfaunfa2 天 前
  • I agree! I didn't want to upgrade my pc when i built but I love my 3700x

    Dylan S RyanDylan S Ryan3 天 前
  • hmmm

    pranav nautiyalpranav nautiyal3 天 前
  • I want to win!!

    brian tbrian t3 天 前
  • Do the reverse, communitys most hated computer

    Thomas BastiansenThomas Bastiansen3 天 前
  • Did anyone do the math on how much this would cost to buy at retail?

    Matthew RumseyMatthew Rumsey3 天 前
    • $2000

      The Most Average GamerThe Most Average Gamer小时 前
  • The moment he said she could help was adorable it reminds me of when I was a kid and would ask my dad if I could help him work on a car that was one of my best memories with him it was great father son bonding and one of the reasons I wanted to be a mechanic just like him

    81394m81394m3 天 前
  • I'm going to ask the most important question here: Did she get the apples?

    Naveed BashirNaveed Bashir3 天 前
    • Stolen

      Confxsed PeachConfxsed Peach2 天 前
  • Okay, I promise I am not a comment bot, this shit actually works and Im glad I can play battlefield 4. It is alittle sketchy but holy shit i am so thankful

    OthonOthon3 天 前
  • Gotta say, the nicest part of this video was watching his daughter help and then when Doom Eternal was on he said "This is too violent, you can't watch it". Good Dad moment

    D SD S3 天 前
  • I Love that Linus' daughter was included in the video. +1 for parent-child bonding, child labor laws not withstanding. 😂

    DunaghDunagh3 天 前
  • I actually dislike RGB. I would pay extra for a device variant that doesn't have RGB when given the option.

    Christine DChristine D3 天 前
  • Also trying to find a 2070 super at msrp is just as difficult as finding a 30 series..

    Alex OdaAlex Oda3 天 前
  • Those aren't acronyms. If you can't pronounce it, it's an initialism. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is an acronym. FBI is an initialism.

    GestrGestr3 天 前
  • Best rated *One person rated this product as five eggs / stars*

    ferros8215ferros82153 天 前
  • Holy crap! That's my PC case! It's not bad of a case but I felt after having it for the first few weeks the novelty definitely wore off and now I long for a normal case thats not wide and bulky.

    Thew0rst dsThew0rst ds3 天 前
  • why are these giveaways not for Indian viewers when u r earning money off of them too?

    Subasish GhoshSubasish Ghosh4 天 前
  • Case looks like a printer

    vik kashvik kash4 天 前
  • They should build with the worst reviewed parts.

    Sebastian TorreSebastian Torre4 天 前
  • i own this case, and i couldn't help but yell you're doing it wrong on the hdd nubs

    Dustin FakeDustin Fake4 天 前
  • Noot noot

    pingupingu4 天 前
  • can i win it even though im from Philippines?

    DevilMe13 666DevilMe13 6664 天 前
  • the way linus talks to his kids it really cute

    Link6456Link64564 天 前
  • 3:18 sounding like kermit thee frog ;/

    Andres Del SolAndres Del Sol4 天 前
  • Your daughter is adorable

    DickDastardlyDickDastardly4 天 前
  • Imagine not having the matching type

    Benedict GSBenedict GS4 天 前
  • lol imagine getting an incompatible cpu/motherboard

    Kaptain TZKaptain TZ4 天 前
  • Why don't you guys ever consider the GTX 1070 a good budget option, it rips wth. and you can get one for under 200

    Pat 420Pat 4204 天 前
  • WHAT A CUTIE !! 😍😍😭😍

    Patrick HamosPatrick Hamos4 天 前
  • MSI shady af I'm not buying them again

    Patrick HamosPatrick Hamos4 天 前
  • Dangit, if only I were one year older... I've been wanting to have a PC since the last 3 years

    EmPeRioREmPeRioR4 天 前

    April SApril S4 天 前
  • I'm suspicious about that case...

    360 Fov360 Fov4 天 前
  • Why pick that case? I can only think of a few reasons, a 1 time purchase, good cooling, and not having space restrictions. I like it but it seems a little overkill unless you're constantly changing components or really want good air ventilation (maybe?)

    baboonbaboon4 天 前
  • Fhdhdjdbdhbddhbddbdbdhhd

    Alien from Area 51Alien from Area 514 天 前
  • PC Nerd Dad Jokes: Daughter "Can I have some apples?" Dad "No, we're more of a PC household."

    Rachel GuidoRachel Guido4 天 前
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    bensdorp1993bensdorp19934 天 前
  • "don't quote me on that" linus - 2020

    Jasper TutulaJasper Tutula5 天 前
  • I've noticed review weirdness about motherboards, and I think the problem is complicated. For one, if there is a "fault" in the PC, it's almost always the motherboard; motherboards are almost always the main point of failure on a PC right after the disk drives. Furthermore, when it comes time to upgrade, people get kind of ticked off that they have to upgrade the motherboard as well to get the most out of the next gen CPU (which is the boat I am in with my X470 knowing I have to upgrade to get the most out of Ryzen 3000 or 5000 CPUs) which gets a lot of people to write bad reviews over it's lack of longevity in their motherboard.

    aegisofhonoraegisofhonor5 天 前
  • i WIN !

    specialformula14specialformula145 天 前
  • What's super funny is I fell down that "Herd Mentality" PC gravity well just picking parts from Microcenter that were on sale and looked like they had the best performance per price and chose the same CPU, SSD, but 3600MHz memory (clocked at 3200MHz for stability and compatibility). My motherboard isn't nearly as expensive, but most reviews that I have read say that motherboard price doesn't really matter vs. performance unless you plan to do overclocking which I don't. I went with an AIO watercooler (which is actually a little bit loud at full load) instead of a heatsink fan and my power supply is only 80+ white certified 600W but gets the job done. My case isn't nearly as nice or spacious. Neither can my graphics card hold a candle to the 2070 let alone anything more powerful than that, but I don't play a lot of new or demanding games, so it's not like I need to spend extra money there. It's nice to see how gentle Linus was with the 4Tb HDD as he was struggling to "patiently" install it- lol, jk.

    Jason AshJason Ash5 天 前
  • Holy crap your daughter is adorable wtf

    Naught MeinämNaught Meinäm5 天 前
  • Dam how I'd like to win that pc

    tom Leaketom Leake5 天 前
  • Anyone know why the black NH-D15 is $200 more than the normal one...?

    Kyle QuinnKyle Quinn5 天 前
  • Actually a decent outcome

    screwhal underhillscrewhal underhill5 天 前
  • thats rad. i didnt even know those cases existed

    Andrew LuhringAndrew Luhring5 天 前
  • Man MSI motherboards are TRASH both of them failed in less than 5 months for me

    Aissam AlilouchAissam Alilouch5 天 前
  • “This game’s violent, darling. You can’t watch.” Well he might not be good at not dropping things but at least he’s a good parent

    CAMsword1279CAMsword12795 天 前
  • It’s funny how a child can build a better pc than me.

    The Dark LordThe Dark Lord5 天 前