Okay Mark… the Quest 2 is a GREAT value…

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Thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their new Oculus Quest 2 at ocul.us/LinusTechTips2020
The Oculus Quest 2 is (almost*) better in every way than the original, provided you have no problem signing in with your Facebook account. But how does the standalone experience compare to PC VR this time around?
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  • A couple updates since we filmed this: - Oculus has released the 90Hz update for the Quest 2 - Oculus Link is now out of beta, and also supports 90Hz on the Quest 2 - You can also now cast directly to a web browser

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips7 天 前
    • you forgot to mention that it was jailbroken, mr "we're not going to sweep anything under the rug". you could have made facebook happy by having your audience actually buy this thing and be happy with it

      Mr PotatoMr Potato11 小时 前
    • Very late

      Alina VargasAlina Vargas2 天 前
    • Please request from Zuck that we need rechargeable controllers. The battery 🔋 setup in the controllers suck goddamit! All great other than that

      Klaneos MacKlaneos Mac2 天 前
    • Ah the Facebook yet at it again

      Adam NovákAdam Novák3 天 前
    • i have the link cable Steam VR virtual desktop and still cant get the thing to play games off steam

      OregonDucks007OregonDucks0074 天 前
  • Having to link a facebook acct when I don't have on makes me kinda mad when if I do get one I could get banned at any time

    pretty good gamerpretty good gamer小时 前
  • This is so tempting, but Facebook... I don't know.

    GameSynerGameSyner小时 前
  • Zuckerberg came up with this idea when he was “smokin some meats”

    Smashmouth HockeySmashmouth Hockey2 小时 前
  • BARF Not with forced facebook account. Fuck that.

    Steven FongSteven Fong4 小时 前
  • If you think the Quest 2 is cool, wait until the Quest 3. It'll be twice as powerful for an even cheaper price. You just have to agree to full-house monitoring by fb. I'm not too worried about it. Privacy was gone a long time ago.

    Jesse PotterJesse Potter5 小时 前
  • Barely any games support the cross-buy. not "Most" Facebook says, Paraphrased "Devs can choose to opt out of allowing it" and most do. Beat saber is one that opted out. Check to make sure your game is on the cross-buy list before you buy it for the quest unless you want to have to buy two versions.

    Blazing GunsBlazing Guns5 小时 前
  • If I get one I won’t be able to use oculus link

    Jasper CharlieJasper Charlie6 小时 前
  • Lost me at Facebook Account

    Big MacBig Mac6 小时 前
  • Ill probably just create a new facebook account with a screen name for gaming. Back it up with some new gmail account. Basically make it so the accounts connected to the oculus (facebook and email) are ONLY used for playing oculus. That way, its not able to integrate my gaming data with whatever they have gathered from my actual facebook account. Making the data they are gather only about as useful as the data other services like steam gather on their users.

    Sean HalnonSean Halnon6 小时 前
    • You will get banned from both your real and your fake as they will detect it as botting. already did quite a bit of research on it. Wanted to warn you. you do that at your own risk.

      Blazing GunsBlazing Guns5 小时 前
  • Great value for anyone looking to playing arcade games yeah!

    Justin BocchinoJustin Bocchino9 小时 前
  • Damn facebook.. I was really thinking of getting one of these too :(

    GeorgeGeorge9 小时 前
  • Facebook account needed! REALLY!!! hard pass for me. Such a shame.

    David NeylonDavid Neylon10 小时 前
  • Can you play Half-Life: Alyx, from my PC on this?

    bosnisbosnis10 小时 前
  • This sounded so great, but that MANDATORY Facebook connection so SO SKETCHY It's seriously the only thing stopping me from getting this, and not just waiting for someone more trustworthy to make it better.

    EthalaEthala11 小时 前
  • vrchat: does it have pc avatar support? does it have pc avatar support without usb? i prob wont buy anyway but this will definitely break it for me i think ill wait until the next vive to come out or something on similar level that has full body support

    ELtwistedJRPELtwistedJRP11 小时 前
  • NO

    AnilAnil15 小时 前
  • do I need a Facebook account if I'm just playing games through steam?

    LundoLundo16 小时 前
  • Oh, hi MaRk

    Baboon5Baboon517 小时 前
  • plz stop calling everything ..............PUPPY

    Aditya GuptaAditya Gupta17 小时 前
  • This video was obsolete almost the day it came out.

    Sztrovacsek81Sztrovacsek8119 小时 前
  • Yeah, that's gonna be a hard no from me.

    Legion RedLegion Red20 小时 前
  • Video starts at 5:06

  • Riley is lit

    avimoseavimose天 前
  • I got mine on release day, I love this unit glad I didn't go for the G2. The controllers last for months before replacing the battery. I also read an article that sound like the Quest 2 will also eventually get a 120Hz boost from 90Hz. I guess is on testing at the moment and is so that is going to rock!.

    Angel AcostaAngel Acosta天 前
  • I liked the Hacksmith reference of the light saber

    Looking at the ????Looking at the ????天 前
  • I’m getting a Quest 2 for Christmas, but my PC didn’t pass the Steam VR performance test, and it said I needed to upgrade. Can I still enjoy the Quest 2 without using my PC?

    powderpowder天 前
  • I was thinking of buying it till I learned about the mandatory Facebook I mean shit book

  • If I were LTT I would be offended that companies that are getting bad PR or going to shit start sponsoring me for every little thing they can. Facebook, Intel, Nvidia's 3090 "8k" gaming

    BoopLoopyBoopLoopy天 前
  • Linus makes a video recommending a product, SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE LOL Dude stop!!! Lol you're ruining Xmas for everyone lol

    Player 2 NationPlayer 2 Nation天 前
  • How long until someone hacks that thing to not require a Facebook account anymore?

    KotzKotz天 前
  • Who else is hopefully getting this for Christmas?

    Calvin EngramCalvin Engram天 前
  • Review the G2!

    TaurickTaurick天 前
  • You should get better at the games you play even though your a tech reviewer.But you wold look even cooler

    Monkey VlogsMonkey Vlogs天 前
  • @0:03 what happened to that? So it's 100% the best thing ever with no downfalls or compromises in any way?

    Richard LynchRichard Lynch天 前
  • So where was the mention of the specs here, specifically FOV range. IPD adjustment? These are completely lacking on the product spec sheet (which IMO makes it NOT a spec sheet) but they shouldn't have been missing from a review by a VR enthusiast.

    Scott NewellScott Newell天 前
    • This exactly. especially because there is a pathetic IPD adjustment of only 3 presets so if you got wonky eyes, tough shit. idk if there is a workaround, i'd imagine there is.

      Blazing GunsBlazing Guns5 小时 前
  • When linus was playing beat saber it reminded me of the king off clickbait... ALI A

    DripurpDripurp天 前
  • Will never understand why Facebook bought the rights

    ShenanigansShenanigans天 前
  • fuck this sponsored shit I need a 100% bias review video (edit): especially if its for a non pc vr headset

    powderedwaterpowderedwater天 前
  • i heard sponsored by oculus and immediately lost interest, i'm hoping this will still address the obvious data concerns edit: it looks like they only address it as far as their sponsorship allows :l

    DogTheBossDogTheBoss天 前
  • Facebook ruins it for me. For years I REFUSED to go to facebook. It's bad enough I'm practically forced to use Whatsapp. These fuckers seriously need some competition on the VR market!!!

    Max B.Max B.天 前
  • This is an ad.

    nonanonnonanon天 前
  • Facebook has not helped society.

    V1GibbyV1Gibby天 前
  • FB required? Hell no. We can hope that someone will have a bypass hack shortly after release day.

    Mike K4ISRMike K4ISR天 前
    • @Blazing Guns ANYTHING can be hacked. No one is special.

      Steven FongSteven Fong4 小时 前
    • They are into the root of the headset, but as far as actually getting the store and such to work, doesn't seem likely.

      Blazing GunsBlazing Guns5 小时 前
  • I be glad when I can buy my own VR Headset. I just need more space in my room.

    QuazamGamingQuazamGaming天 前
  • Oculus Quest 2 more like Anal Probe 2

    My SeventyMy Seventy天 前
  • Doesn't matter if I get the one with more memory or the one with less memory Oculus Quest 2

    Raymond PenningtonRaymond Pennington天 前
  • Can the quest 2 do steam VR

    Raymond PenningtonRaymond Pennington天 前
  • When I start to think people are smart, I hop on CNworld and visit the comments section to remind me how silly most people are. YOUR F***ING SECURITY HAS BEEN GONE SINCE 1997. Get tf over it.

    Quintin BeyQuintin Bey天 前
  • 9:49 - so socks & sandals style is not only european thing ?

    Dawid TarasDawid Taras天 前
  • Yeah, but we wanna see some crazy mods. Like GTA 5, or Red Dead, or some super cool game....

    rhY -rhY -天 前
  • You're really letting yourself down having anything to do with FB.

    phoooglephooogle天 前
  • Long time VR watcher, new VR consumer with the quest 2 and I absolutely love it. I have more higher quality fun especially in multiplayer games

    Stillfly412Stillfly412天 前
  • Hey Linus and Co. Any chance you could do a build for KoolKingLogan? Kid loves gaming, is having a hard go of it and is a lil champion.

    Kris CunzKris Cunz天 前
  • I know the unboxing off by heart and the saddest thing is that I don’t even have a quest 2

    misterfee 888misterfee 8882 天 前
  • how is this one compared to the original rift. I have an original rift is it worth the upgrade?

    Martin CampbellMartin Campbell2 天 前
  • For those who are weary of the whole facebook thing, heres a fact: Facebook owns Instagram, so if you trust insta you can trust fb

    X5J GamerX5J Gamer2 天 前
    • @MikeslyMontague I don't either, but I would (a girl lied and said I "harassed" her) Idk why I told you that

      X5J GamerX5J Gamer天 前
    • I'll do you one better: I don't use Instagram either

      MikeslyMontagueMikeslyMontague天 前
  • I'm hoping to get this for this game called a township tale and others but it isn't on it yet but from what I've heard it most likey in development for quests mainly because I can't afford the gaming computer to use the rift s. 😢

    Dewy GamingDewy Gaming2 天 前
  • Me: Looking at my quest 2 Linus: Looks at his Me: Get jealous And one question can you give me the link for custom beat saber mods like the software you use

    Sethbot GameingSethbot Gameing2 天 前
  • Wait did they really bleep "heck"?!?

    Allen KingAllen King2 天 前
  • I don't even have a facebook account lol

    Louis WeberLouis Weber2 天 前

    Joao AfonsoJoao Afonso2 天 前
  • Being sponsored makes this video horrible

    Dachshund DoggoDachshund Doggo2 天 前
  • I got one and I love it 😍

    steelyjacesteelyjace2 天 前
  • kda good taste try glide in the rocket league x monstercat album

    Benjamin Matthews 34 (STUDENT)Benjamin Matthews 34 (STUDENT)2 天 前
  • The beginning felt like a short circuit video

    TheK WarriorTheK Warrior2 天 前
  • I just got one of these a week ago

    Shiquine 777Shiquine 7772 天 前
  • I'm not on FB but I'm still getting one of these, guess I'll just make a nameless/faceless dummy account for it.

    KyleKyle2 天 前
    • @PredCaliber Cool then we'll hack the headset.

      Steven FongSteven Fong4 小时 前
    • Yeah you can’t do that. You need ID verification to confirm your account.

      PredCaliberPredCaliber天 前
  • I kinda wish it wasn't sponsored...

    Stirling ClarkStirling Clark2 天 前
  • What if they just use cameras on it to identify people around you find all the products you have and serve you ads on it. I am not with fb on any of my data

    Manoj Kumar VutukuruManoj Kumar Vutukuru2 天 前
  • "Dude, fuck Facebook. Seriously." Ok, so if you got the reference, aren't you even just a little bit afraid, that now theres the technology, that can suck you into Facebook? Like, literally?

    PLordPLord2 天 前
  • Probably my first down-voted LTT video. A review should never be sponsered by the vendor. It's a clear conflict of interest. I can live with a sponsored unboxing, but never a review

    Diaa JadDiaa Jad2 天 前
  • You left the requiered Facebook logging under the rug Linus xD

    Santieur52Santieur522 天 前
  • VR is best technology

    Mohammad AminMohammad Amin2 天 前
  • the fact that your distancing in a small ass room is kinda sad him breathing throughout the video will obviously reach you duh

    toptop2 天 前
  • What about hand tracking?

    Brian MaloneyBrian Maloney2 天 前
  • I thank this man for telling me I have to log in for “sEcUrIty ReAsOnS and nOt for mining your data” Ima buy Quest 1

    BumkinBoi3BumkinBoi32 天 前
  • We shouldn't be shafted in the UK and be paying £299 for it, I imagine Australia is also higher price than usa

    Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?2 天 前
  • Can someone please help me??? I am willing to buy the quest 2, it looks good in almost every single way, but I have a problem. I heard that you can't play all games on the quest 2 if you don't connect it to your pc. I also heard that there are limitations to VRchat if you don't hook it up to your pc. I read that the minimum specs for you pc need to be either a Ryzen 5 or Intel 5, 8GB of RAM and as GPU a 1080 or greater. I am not that good with pc's but I have a Ryzen 5, 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1660. That sounds like it should work right? There is only 1 thing that is bothering me. Someone told me to try out SteamVR performance test, so I did. The results showed me my GPU was not good enough. Can anyone please help me???

    Guno RijkhoffGuno Rijkhoff2 天 前
  • ryley is the fucking best

    but whybut why2 天 前
  • No cat in the box? Not worth it.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs2 天 前
  • "Let´s be clear, FB sponsored this video" ok thank you bye.

    pomme dapipomme dapi2 天 前
  • If linus changes his intro music I'm unsubbing

    WoveeWovee2 天 前
  • Is a payment method required to play the quest 2 like do u need your credit card added to even use it

    Blingbling BoyBlingbling Boy2 天 前
  • i have one, punched my floor, punched my chair... punched myself.... 10/10 good fun!

    AlpacaTheHackerAlpacaTheHacker2 天 前
  • im watching on a quest 2 lol

    jacob rowejacob rowe2 天 前
  • How is the battery life with 90hz? I imagine its 2 hour battery is cut in half

    Henry AndersenHenry Andersen2 天 前
  • Quest 2. The only next gen console you can actually find

    Henry AndersenHenry Andersen2 天 前
  • 2x makes cringe funny :)

    A AAFA AAF2 天 前
  • It's such a bullshit that you now have to connect your LEGIT Facebook-account. Won't buy any FB hardware from now on after my Oculus Quest 1.

    Flo DFlo D2 天 前
  • If you guys dont own a Oculus Quest 2, your opinion is invalid

    TH Gaming WalesTH Gaming Wales3 天 前
    • That's not how an opinion works, sorry.

      Steven FongSteven Fong4 小时 前
  • New intro is sick

    The TrioThe Trio3 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/aHqr042z1advxqc/sh-p-n&feature=emb_logo

    User UUser U3 天 前
  • My name is also Linus and it’s an uncommon name so I always kinda flinch when someone says his name

    Angry ManAngry Man3 天 前
  • Great! I have the rift s at my dads house and I'm at my moms house most of the time, with this I can play the rift s games I have and for on the go!

    Isaac RamirezIsaac Ramirez3 天 前
  • Facebook mandatory = no buy.

    Thomas LukinsThomas Lukins3 天 前
  • This would be a great product, but facebook login requirements take it from great to trash instantly.

    TORCHED DreadnoughtTORCHED Dreadnought3 天 前
    • It's still a very good product

      TH Gaming WalesTH Gaming Wales3 天 前
  • I can already see millions of fake accounts being created just to use this.

    FastLikeUNOFastLikeUNO3 天 前
  • Man said "resolution increase" when they hadn't even updated it to that yet. Like bruh

    TheMagnificentManateeTheMagnificentManatee3 天 前
  • 1:54 Linus was wandering what led him up to this moment

    8-bit Ninja8-bit Ninja3 天 前