Every other monitor is DEAD to me - LG CX OLED 48"

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LG's smallest OLED yet, the 48" CX has been hotly anticipated as being both small enough to be used as a big monitor, and, at $1,500, inexpensive enough to consider as a TV upgrade to compliment the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 gaming consoles (due to HDMI 2.1 support for 4K 120 gaming).
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  • Does anyone know what table he's using? I wanna get one!

    Dale MartirezDale Martirez4 小时 前
  • Thank you for letting us know how it would work for RTS players. Its very hard to find that. Feel free to do that more often. We watch your vids too lol

    Vincent StoneVincent Stone6 小时 前
  • Im using this tv in 55“ for ps5 and its just amazing

    FlyingHulkFlyingHulk6 小时 前
  • Don't be fooled to buy this model. Hold out for the '21 refresh.

    Leroy Tech TipsLeroy Tech Tips6 小时 前
  • I cant stare at a 48 inch tv that close for too long. My eyes are shit as it is.

    Turner Classic BastardTurner Classic Bastard6 小时 前
  • How does this tv do in 1440p resolution ? Did it support propper VRR/Free sync when running xbox series x at 4k 120hz ? Hear something about some monitors didn't go that high on the free sync.. idk, just what I heard. I'm curious about the LG an d how it handles this tbh. Thinking about buying one of these LG CX 48 Tv tomorrow for my series x.. Atm i am using a Asus MG278Q monitor.. Probably no doubt about the LG CX beating my Asus monitor in absolutely every aspect possible ? Right ?? Ps: clearly i am no tech guru.. i am trying to find guidance on the subject. So please help me out 🙂

    Stavanger GhostStavanger Ghost7 小时 前
  • I have this TV but have been running 4k at 60hz. I have a 5700xt AMD GPU do I need one of the new AMD cards in order to run 4k at 120hx successfully? Also, when should i switch from 8bit to 10bit color? I've got the green screen of death a couple times when running this too hard.

    Kevin SayerKevin Sayer8 小时 前
  • C'mon Gubmint! Give us those $1200 Covid checks!!! I WANT one of these!

    Daniel GriffithDaniel Griffith10 小时 前
  • Me shopping for a new Monitor: all the other successful day traders have at least 4 monitors also me: I could get two of these bad boys and still have more screen real estate and less cost.....

    rRobert SmithrRobert Smith11 小时 前
  • How about support for FreeSync or G-Sync? I don't think that's the case here...

    cyberthief183cyberthief18314 小时 前
  • Hi which would you prefer? The LG 38GN950 or LG OLED48CXPUB for gaming? Thanks

    jon Lejon Le15 小时 前
  • I like LG CX Oled TV for ps5 and pc gaming

    phyo sonephyo sone15 小时 前
  • Thanks for the mention and link!

    rim685cen ;nir'sucrim685cen ;nir'suc17 小时 前
  • brooo wth i can't afford that sh*t

    Zahi MradZahi Mrad21 小时 前
  • I’ve been waiting to upgrade from a gen 1 4K Samsung. Early adoption was a mistake.

    Abel LauAbel Lau天 前
  • If you like this monitor you should also check out the SONY 43x800h IPS TV which makes a fantastic 500 nits HDR quantum dots monitor and costs only $440 right now ...

    D GilliesD Gillies天 前
  • So.... Now I'm wondering what to buy! Samsung g9 or this LG TV cx oled???? 🆘

    N A S U S .RN A S U S .R天 前
  • This is far better than any monitor. Monitor manufacturers milking people immoral morons. I hope LG can do 32 inch version of this.

    musicx xamusicx xa天 前
  • can i use it as for console gaming?

    Kiko CoolKiko Cool天 前
  • This goes for 1600 bucks here. Thought it'd be way more expensive

    Agent Of SorosAgent Of Soros天 前
  • You won't need to worry about accuity staring at that screen all day. Just giving up my office job after a month my eyesight improved and vision returned to normal. These screens are really bad for your eyes and it isn't just a myth, let alone whacking a 40+ inch super bright display 1 foot away from your retinas.

    Dan KDan K天 前
  • Only Linus would poke a $3k Oled screen with a metal measuring tape

    tshepp89tshepp89天 前
  • When your blacks are so deep that you can see reflections while being in a dark zone

    Stefanel Alexandru FarcasStefanel Alexandru Farcas天 前
  • ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter) is the dealbreaker here. On the CX series, its aggressive- so if you’re playing a game that’s in in dark area (or watching a movie for that matter) the screen dims until the scene changes or it gets bright again - and then you’ll literally see it brighten before your eyes. There’s no way to turn this off either. What. A. Shame.

    Cris MertensCris Mertens天 前
  • the funniest part is that its a tv

    Gurdip SidhuGurdip Sidhu天 前
  • Mom to me as a kiddo: "Don't sit so close to the tv, it will ruin your eyes!" Adult me: 02:15

    DallasGreen123DallasGreen123天 前
  • Now give us a 32" version!

    Peligroso86Peligroso86天 前
  • This is the best and most complete review of this monitor TV. Really amazing.

    Livio LópezLivio López天 前
  • @linus Tech: So you prefer this over the samsung G9 for gaming??

    songboeksongboek天 前
  • Man, you became a real man.

    Dardania LionDardania Lion天 前
  • so wait my 2080ti has hdmi 2.0 so i would lose out on color if i wat 120hz?

    zonatedproductzonatedproduct天 前
  • Does samsung q80t support the full 48Gbps of HDMI 2.1 bandwidth? Heard that the LG CX only support 40 Gbps of HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth and that this might be a problem for high-end pc gamers. I want to play 4 k 120 hz games on this q80t tv with my 3080 n-vidia card… Tnx in advance!

    Oskar AugustssonOskar Augustsson天 前
  • Im thinking of getting the 65in version of this to use with my pc + xbox SX. Im just wondering about burn in. And how to stop it on windows 10. Linus said to turning brightness down while also enabling tv protection software. But what about on the desktop? Remove the taskbar & icons? black background? wallpaper engine? anything else?

    z7 Onix 7zz7 Onix 7z2 天 前
  • This one will be too once the burn in kicks in

    StriderStrider2 天 前
  • Oleds are way to knew, anyone with half a brain would wait until they fix the issues, don’t waste your money yet.

    Brandon BiancoBrandon Bianco2 天 前
  • This is so stupid.

    Jordan CavinessJordan Caviness2 天 前
  • I say the Samsung Q90T is better.

    Adan ContrerasAdan Contreras2 天 前
  • Custom resolution is *3840x1646* for a 21:9 aspect ratio. Math: 2160 divided by desired aspect ratio (21) multiplied by current aspect ratio (16) =1,645.714285*. then you round it up to the nearest pixel which can either be 1645 or 1646, your choice.

    KruddyKamikazeKruddyKamikaze2 天 前
  • you had my attention up to the point where i saw the sandals+socks combo

    jimirbonjimirbon2 天 前
  • And about burn in pixels???

    Fernando FernandoFernando Fernando2 天 前
  • elephant in the room: burn in... so lets make it extra visible by turning off upper and lower part of display to get an ultrawide :D

    Bonnie BishopBonnie Bishop2 天 前
  • Regarding burning. I am a day trader so have charts sitting on the screen all day. Would this cause any issues?

    Ace007Ace0072 天 前
  • Up next on cat tips

    18matts18matts2 天 前
  • If only LG release 32" Version!

    hyou zan renhyou zan ren2 天 前
  • Linus.... Did LG give you a $1,500+ Herman Miller X Chair to hype you up for this? I don't blame you lol XD I was just looking to buy one cause my back is killing me from my old chair but that price tag is killing me

    Gor UndzhukulyanGor Undzhukulyan3 天 前
  • *laughs in 27 and 24 inch monitors that were rescued from the trash with who knows what refresh rates*

    spyraltrispyraltri3 天 前
  • Made the switch to OLED (CX48). Never going back.

    A. L.A. L.3 天 前
  • I had this tv, but sent it back to the store because of pixel shifting. It keeps moving my picture slowly to the left until things got cut out of the picture. Then i had to turn off the function and turn it on again. Had to this every day. Didn't try without the function because of burn in risk. Was a really nice tv, but this was a deal breaker for me.

    Jimmy ErikssonJimmy Eriksson3 天 前
  • finaly someone mention the burnin in oled instead of praising it without any flaws

    Johnny DeppJohnny Depp3 天 前
  • OLED as a computer monitor is a no no though. The technology isn't good enough for static images yet. Questionable if it will ever be.

    D MD M3 天 前
  • I would argue less blur is actually bad for a video with low frames (ex. 30fps). In videography for instance when making drone videos, we put on ND filter on camera specifically to force the slow shutter speed in order to introduce the blur. As a result, the 30Fps video looks incredibly smooth. If on the contrary each frame was a very sharp image - the video would appear extremely stuttery, creating a sense that the frame rate is way too low. It may be counterintuitive to most people. You would need to feed this OLED TV high frame video in order to see the advantage. Above 60Fps

    Andrew ScAndrew Sc3 天 前
  • This looks stunning however WHY do they make the TV take so much unnecessary space with the ButtockHump?? I would much rather it be a slimmer, heavy and wider with a flexible small arm holding the monitor, or at least an up/down/left/right angle turning possibility. Just perfect the top tier model already!

    Usad PlebsUsad Plebs3 天 前
  • Is OLED better for gaming than QLED?

    TectonicaTectonica3 天 前
  • lmao i can never take linus seriously.

    Kevin MorrisKevin Morris3 天 前
    • unfortunately, things got such bad reflection i can see the silent homies sitting on the couch.

      Kevin MorrisKevin Morris3 天 前
  • If it wasn't the burn-in problem (or the manufacturer *really* included that as part of the warranty), I would immediately switch to OLED in monitors. I'd prefer about 40" and 4K resolution, though.

    Mikko RantalainenMikko Rantalainen3 天 前
  • Does this support a proper BFI (black frame insertion)?

    Mikko RantalainenMikko Rantalainen3 天 前
  • Does this thing have proper RGB subpixels? I'm using 43UD79-B and it has BGR panel that's good enough in theory. However, it turns out that *many* programs want to render subpixel antialiasing by themself and it's rare that those programs support BGR. Pretty much all software blindly assumes either greyscale or RGB subpixel rendering. It has 4K resolution for 43" so it has better visual resolution from the same distance than this 48" TV.

    Mikko RantalainenMikko Rantalainen3 天 前
  • I remember when I first built my gaming pc. I dont have any money for a monitor so i used at 1080p TCL 48 inch TV. And I use to play league of legend and shooter all the time on it. Love it😂

    SC4L DankSC4L Dank3 天 前
  • Do the larger sized CXs also have HDMI 2.1?

    Garrett PayneGarrett Payne3 天 前
  • Stand is a dealbreaker for me

    Nick SloukaNick Slouka3 天 前
  • Why aren't there any 32" OLED monitors?

    xiaguan whiskyxiaguan whisky4 天 前
  • A 36" to 38" version of this would be great.

    Bryan ThompsonBryan Thompson4 天 前
  • I've been using LG's 43" 4K IPS, 5ms monitor for the past year and a half...only 60fps though. I love the snot out of it!

    Paul FrancescuttiPaul Francescutti4 天 前
  • I want this tv but it's so damn expensive :(

    N1njaPigN1njaPig4 天 前
  • I picked up a used 40" Samsung 7 series TV for $200 CAD ($150 USD), it supports 4k at 60hz with 4:4:4 and has a 200mm VESA mount. Having the screen real estate of 4x 1080p monitors without any bezels is life changing for productivity. I could never see myself going back to a conventional monitor.

    elfgrinelfgrin4 天 前
  • So now i need to buy this TV. Thx Linus !

    sieferswesieferswe4 天 前
  • Just bought one. I'll use my PC on it for now till i can finally find a ps5 that doesn't cost almost as much as this tv.....

    southpark 981southpark 9814 天 前

    marcelo camachomarcelo camacho4 天 前
  • This video is sponsored by LG....

    Mark HoeyMark Hoey4 天 前
  • Honest question to all here in the comment section: do i need to worry about oled burn-in? Will i get ghost images in an oled tv as a gamer or not? Im about to make a decision on a new tv and i really need people's honest help with this!

    Leon DouwmaLeon Douwma4 天 前
    • @D M thank you. On top of that, it didnt feel like it is 40% better, so i bought the samsung qled 80t for 40% less money

      Leon DouwmaLeon Douwma3 天 前
    • In a word, yes, you do need to worry. It is as bad as plasma and plasma never actually solved that issue.

      D MD M3 天 前
    • Same here. Literally he only thing holding me back

      Dan MirandaDan Miranda4 天 前
  • @linustechtips hey guys I have a question. If there is usually only 1 earc port on new gen Tvs, How do I setup sound bar and a PS5 to best utilise that one port and have 4k 120 fps gamin and also have the best audio? Thanks :)

    Brahamdeep SinghBrahamdeep Singh4 天 前
  • Does this have 4K

    Shahana KayaniShahana Kayani4 天 前
  • Needs to be curved for pc. I like it but i like curved screens and monitors better.

  • Lol you sound like Gru

    Richard NRichard N4 天 前
  • So you need a really nice rig before you can use it

    Shaquille OatmealShaquille Oatmeal4 天 前

    ol caponeol capone4 天 前
  • 1500 yikes

    austan jacksonaustan jackson5 天 前
  • This monitor is pretty hard mirroing ...

    Islam is a Political IdeologyIslam is a Political Ideology5 天 前
  • Nice one Linus. Now it's time to promote panel quality instead of sheer refresh rates. How are companies still marketing TN panels and edge-lit LED and the like in plain 2020? It's crazy!

    Self ElementsSelf Elements5 天 前
  • how far is that visual accuity distance?

    luckymansogoluckymansogo5 天 前
  • Linus just does videos for the 1% of gamer's that might even be able to afford this crap. By the way Oled might look great till the burn in sets in.

    joshuad30joshuad305 天 前
  • Been using an OLED as a monitor for years, absolutely fantastic. BTW also using a monitor as a TV, a 32" monitor with a chromecast is a very cheap solution for the bedroom :+D

    Julian van der KraatsJulian van der Kraats5 天 前
  • Lg cx is a dim, washed out, blooming, mediocre OLED. Don’t fall for it people

    AsapLueiii144kAsapLueiii144k5 天 前
  • Too much detail ruin the video for me

    Sheikh Humayun KabirSheikh Humayun Kabir5 天 前
  • What about burn in ?

    justun chanjustun chan5 天 前
  • No bueno. You're way to close to that TV to have a pleasurable viewing experience.

    StockezyStockezy5 天 前
  • Acer already has a 43" 4K Monitor for $400. It's only 60Hz but the pixels are perfect. Unlike a TV.

    Danyel LawsonDanyel Lawson5 天 前
  • Thanks for the review. Have had the same question since first OLED broke $10k. Question: where can one BUY the model you demo'd (out of stock everywhere, or?)

    David GaianDavid Gaian5 天 前
  • 4k =/= 12 million though? 3840x2160 equals 8 294 400.

    disadadidisadadi5 天 前
  • i've been using a tv as a monitor for a long time now but i also use it for home entertainment as i wont pay for cable screw that when i can watch everything i want between amazon netflix and maybe some popcorn time....

    Shannon GiassonShannon Giasson5 天 前
  • Still rocking the earrings? How old are you again ?

    SjrickSjrick6 天 前
  • I'm tempted to do this for my next monitor...

    Brent MifsudBrent Mifsud6 天 前
    • It’s worth it... 3 years with a 65 B7 and just upgraded to a 77 CX for my home theater and this 48 CX for my PC. OLED is amazing.

      Travis ClarkTravis Clark6 天 前
  • 2:15 Me, a scientist.

    GamercatszGamercatsz6 天 前
  • Not curved so no, thank you.

    Waldemar WosińskiWaldemar Wosiński6 天 前
  • Is this "Monitor Arm" compatible?

    YipMan214YipMan2146 天 前
  • is burn in a issue with this monitor?

    James StewartJames Stewart6 天 前
    • Is depends on what u view if u only view static images like CNN all day but I use different media. Also there's 3 different applications in the TV to help its in a rating. Com review. Mine will be here Monday

      ToxicCylon SBToxicCylon SB6 天 前
  • see how much you like it when you get dead pixels...

    AceJamsAceJams6 天 前
  • I just bought one, the 55in. Waiting for a PS5, but I'll be using it for my PC monitor.

    Wes' TECHWes' TECH6 天 前
  • If you have bought a new GPU in the last 5 years, this monitor will probably do more for your image quality than a new GPU. And it probably will have much better availability too. And it is as expensive, as you can't buy a new GPU for MRSP anyway.

    Thijs JanssenThijs Janssen6 天 前
  • What about the EYE STRAIN ?

    Vivek SabharwalVivek Sabharwal6 天 前