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2021年04月 5日
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If you build it, they (developers) will come - at least that’s the idea behind this open source smart watch.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Was he about to reference Futurama but then quit

    izzy leeizzy lee3 天 前
  • 2:23 I had a square or rectangular shape there. I think he should have stuck with it. 3:59 I take it you meant 40,000 pixels. 4:37 Here's why I would have stuck with the rectangular or square shape. Although, this could have been solved by moving "start" to the left a little. Another case in point is where the t of "connect" was out of the frame.

    Bert VisscherBert Visscher6 天 前
  • Upon utilizing the forbidden pins... Cab it run Doom?

    SurgeSurge6 天 前
  • i dont like smartwatches but the sauce makes it not work so i love it then OWO

    SyntraxSyntrax7 天 前
  • Who else thought this would be about the PineTime?

    PizzaLovingNerd - Linux That's InterestingPizzaLovingNerd - Linux That's Interesting7 天 前
  • Lmfao "with blackjack, and hookers!"

    shawn swemshawn swem7 天 前
  • "and hookers" Someones been watching too much Futurama.

    ionmatikaionmatika10 天 前
  • I literally emailed pine about this lol

    Hans McMurdyHans McMurdy11 天 前
  • Cool!~ Seriously though. Really cool. Although, I think they made it too small. I would have preferred something the size and functionality of a Pipboy.

    World TheoryWorld Theory12 天 前
  • 4:41 Nice nails Linus. :-D

    Anon PAnon P12 天 前
  • Pine time shits on this !

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher12 天 前
  • I love linus' nail polish....yasssssss queen

    Munkey MNMunkey MN15 天 前
  • Stop clickbaiting

  • Nice Bender reference but you missed a big part of it, "...with blackjack, and hookers!" =P

    TorvichTorvich15 天 前

    Daniel BrightDaniel Bright16 天 前
  • that's a nice strap on wearable ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    michael_surfermichael_surfer17 天 前
  • Nice finger nails, Linus

    Bastien PantinBastien Pantin17 天 前
  • "a few short years later" did you just call last year short.

    LimePotatoLimePotato18 天 前
  • #right2repairWear

    misiu smisiu s18 天 前
  • You can also check GadgetBridge project, if you already have smartband/smartwatch. It's open-source app which allows you to use your band/watch without vendor closed source app and cloud sync.

    MrMichoo8MrMichoo818 天 前
  • it's also definitely worth pointing out the Bangle.js smart watch, it's not hardware open source but every single aspect of the soft/firmware can be hand written, and it's in JavaScript with the option for block programming, for those who aren't too good at programming. i actually just got myself one of them about a week ago and it's amazing

    FoofyFoofy18 天 前
  • May I introduce you too. Pinetime.

    Kirk EbyKirk Eby19 天 前
  • u see how smart my coment was,does anyone get it?

    joshua villanjoshua villan21 天 前
  • get a fit bit

    rohan malhotrarohan malhotra21 天 前
  • Damn, nice nails Linus

    kazkid8kazkid821 天 前
  • I'm not the target audience for this, I want more of a polished experience but I like where it's heading for those who care about privacy more than me. so I want this project to be a success even if it won't help me, but for those who want the privacy features, this will be big

    Ryan Lennox-BradleyRyan Lennox-Bradley21 天 前
  • Really happy LTT covered this. Phone/Wearable data mining is atrocious - this is a fantastic project and I'd never have known (or if I did, never have trusted it to be usable/trustworthy) it existed without this.

    Sam HewSam Hew22 天 前
  • 04:00 Did Luke help with this B-Roll? 😂

    JarskyJarsky22 天 前
  • A few days ago I bought a 17 pack of old pebble and pebble steel watches. I don't like modern smart watches. I've had the versa 2. It is like the spiritual successor to the pebble watches, but development is tedious and unintuitive. It feels like a shallow immitation that can't get basic features down. Heart rate is nice, but all I want is a good battery life, music controls (which the versa makes you pair to another bluetooth SSID to do), and to show my notifications. That isn't a lot to ask, but there's so much garbage out there desparately trying to juggle features I don't want or need. is the only think keeping the pebble watches alive and I'm not ready to give up the (still superior for my use) smartwatch from a time before google bought fitbit who bought pebble.

    Christopher BurnetteChristopher Burnette22 天 前
  • 4:31 The red and black nail polish looks good on you Linus. :)

    Mick LardMick Lard23 天 前
  • Please give the ttgo t-watch 2020 a look

    LaneaLucyLaneaLucy23 天 前
  • "200 by 200 pixel display. Well, it's not quite 4 thousand pixels..." Of course it isn't xD It would've been 40 thousand if it was square. The round one is ~ 31400

    GeezmoGeezmo23 天 前
  • This is amazing! Thank you LTT for the bringing exposure to their project!

    OrangeOrange24 天 前
  • this would be cool in 2012, Not now

    Jakub MaštalířJakub Maštalíř24 天 前
  • The fossil hybrid is probably the best one. Its not as "high tech" as the other ones, but its completely customizable with their software.

    Boogie -KunBoogie -Kun24 天 前
  • NGL.... I think I would really like to see Linus on a motorcycle.

    Clay PonderClay Ponder25 天 前
  • 4:17 - Thought I was the only Pebble holdout. 🥰

    Follow Me For Good Luck!Follow Me For Good Luck!25 天 前
  • Can we get a rectangular or square face instead. I'm not a fan of round anymore.

    Ahman MillenerAhman Millener26 天 前
  • Hullo!

    Nate R.Nate R.26 天 前
  • No appalled

    Steven WaufordSteven Wauford26 天 前
  • Mr Harry Potter the host of the show thinks he is a computer engineer but he’s not but he thinks he is superior or bigger computer technician in the entire world human race

    Stephen LordStephen Lord27 天 前
  • Are thoes the Amethyst crystals from Luke’s build at 4:03?

    Jc JCJc JC27 天 前
  • 3: 36 Do your math linus

    Jerry ChenJerry Chen27 天 前
  • Was that a Futurama reference :)

    Paul DawesPaul Dawes27 天 前
  • I'll get one when they'll have the blood pressure/heartbeat/oxygen sensors in them

    Ioan KokaIoan Koka28 天 前
  • So if all of Linus complaint is true and what he said about he likes this watch was true, then why he just don't stick with normal watch 😕😕 I mean I'm not his family or relatives and that was his money but why bother you know

    liam danuliam danu28 天 前
  • 4:32 I literally thought that Linux had painted his nails😂😒

    Priyangshu DuttaPriyangshu Dutta29 天 前
  • 8:33 - * Exited Linus Noises*

    LucasBlinLucasBlin29 天 前
  • I just won't wear anything like that.. a phone is good enough

    Bill HubbardBill Hubbard个月 前
  • today linus feels like he’s high

    Ondřej CoufalOndřej Coufal个月 前
  • Hold up, Linus rides a motorcycle??

    AnythingWeThinkOfAnythingWeThinkOf个月 前
  • i'll get one if it has usb c

    EdgematicEdgematic个月 前
  • What a terrible name and thumbnail, I've almost missed this video, fortunately it shows up when you search "open source hardware" in the channel search box. I have hard time being mad though, since it's amazing that you are helping such a cool project and even mentioning others, who are helping us bring alternatives to the corporate thrashware. Thank you Colin!

    FreemanFreeman个月 前
  • Would it be possible to build Corona Exposure notifications inside this watch. Cheap and very good dongle for COVID

    Rudolf Bager2018Rudolf Bager2018个月 前
  • So I'm finally paying youtube premium to still have ads baked in the video. Nice job! 🖕🖕🖕

    andreiradu1945andreiradu1945个月 前
  • i am gonna contribute

    Oneplus FanBoiOneplus FanBoi个月 前

    Michael CarboneMichael Carbone个月 前
  • half bender

    Calum SandersonCalum Sanderson个月 前
  • 4:30 the transition makes it look like Linus painted his nails XD.

    Baseplate_Baseplate_个月 前
  • Pebble gang represent!

    Penny McCormackPenny McCormack个月 前
  • “Both the hardware and the software are open source.” *Everyone liked that.*

    NoTraceOfSenseNoTraceOfSense个月 前
  • and that's why i like LTT

    Shubhanshu DixitShubhanshu Dixit个月 前
  • This watch has more features than my PC

    Sandro MSandro M个月 前
  • bruh these samsung ads are getting annoying

    Masal VadaiMasal Vadai个月 前
  • Me watching the thumbanil: The Obamium?! 😳

    Miki MoskyMiki Mosky个月 前
  • I tried a smart watch ONCE. I do NOT understand what makes them so popular. I have literally no use for anything the smart watch provided and it was simple WAY too expensive for what I was actually using it for.... time. If you love smart watches, more power to you. I'd personally rather spend $200 aud on a nice G-Shock that will last me years instead of a smart watch.

    RaddyRaddy个月 前
  • 4:10 why are we not using type C. 8[

    Daniel ThomasDaniel Thomas个月 前
  • Not gonna lie, thumbnail was misleading. Came here for The Pyramid by Sabre

    Luan NguyenLuan Nguyen个月 前
  • could you build a pc for me? or give me advice for building pc for 1200 euros i a budget

    ducky_piggyducky_piggy个月 前
  • Sometimes I forget that Linus rides motorcycles too, and that we actually have (last I checked) the same bike (his is just a bit older and the "sport" version, IIRC). Ily linus

    Ben FBen F个月 前
  • Linus has a MOTORCYCLE????

    Lucian Claudiu StefanLucian Claudiu Stefan个月 前
  • 4:20 Linus rides a motorcycle? Are you sure it's not a scooter?

    Alex OjaAlex Oja个月 前
  • came here hoping for a Oneplus Smartwatch review.

    Justin PharandJustin Pharand个月 前
  • My engineering project ready 😂😂

    AkshayAkshay个月 前
  • never worn a watch. Never will. Sorry. Glasses, sure. thats about it.

    XyphrenXyphren个月 前
  • As he wearing an Apple Watch

    Michelle GoodmanMichelle Goodman个月 前
  • 3DPrinting a case Chocolate 3D Printer 3DPrinted chocolate computer case!

    Max MoorsMax Moors个月 前
  • Please for the love of everything, photoshop a beard onto the LTT Store Linus pictures. It's so jarring seeing prebeard Linus pop up. Gah.

    Kiley StaatsKiley Staats个月 前
  • Boo smart watches. Lame. Get a nice time piece and stop looking like a child. Use your phone for tech. Yes I'm an old man yelling at a cloud. but still. edit; ok fine, Paul gets a pass. thats a pretty cool idea. I'm still mad that most people buy useless smartwatches when a mechanical timepiece is becoming more affordable and usable by the day. There's loads of exciting stuff coming out and it looks spectacular. I'm almost curious if Paul could incorporate a proper automatic into this design to get the best of both worlds.

    James MorganJames Morgan个月 前
  • Cool project. For everybody else that wants heart rate monitoring should go with a watch that is supported by gadgedbridge.

    GE YodaGE Yoda个月 前
  • 1.7 thousand viewers hate privacy.

    Meinbher PiegMeinbher Pieg个月 前
  • After watching the MP3 players video, I just realized this could make a more than decent Bluetooth MP3 player.

    3l H4ck3r C0mf0r73l H4ck3r C0mf0r7个月 前
  • These videos are getting harder and harder to watch with all the cheesy LLT store plugs. This will be your downfaill

    Noah is coolNoah is cool个月 前
  • Ohhhhhh "It's time."

    Aaron FairchildAaron Fairchild个月 前
  • 00:29 and hookers!

    Miguel ColindresMiguel Colindres个月 前
  • Loving those nail colours Linus

    GreenNectarGreenNectar个月 前
  • GeoDude crystals FTW.

    Garrett OlsenGarrett Olsen个月 前
  • *Just square the damn watch for more space, rounding it just makes it harder to produce and gives you less screen space and internals room.*

    Guts The BerserkerGuts The Berserker个月 前
  • 4:42 Woah, Linus uses nail polish ???

    Kaushal NandanKaushal Nandan个月 前
  • Isn't there any custom rom for Android wearables?

  • 3D printing is stupid. It’s expensive Slow And not durable Idk why people are spending literally billions of dollars in R&D They should’ve killed the concept years ago

    Vedraj r.mVedraj r.m个月 前
  • straight up click bait

    ProCompilationsProCompilations个月 前
  • It's not time for quikbits ?

    prajwal rprajwal r个月 前
  • Does anyone have a video/ or tips on where to buy and what parts to use for my "starter pc"? My budget is not over 900 $ Thanks guys.

    Jakob DahlströmJakob Dahlström个月 前
  • What about the hookers ?¿

    Ben EverittBen Everitt个月 前
  • Wow the prices of the TTGO 32 chip have gone way up. Nice one linus.

    Bryan Lei PorsadoBryan Lei Porsado个月 前
  • Who the hell captioned this video? Please watch your vids with captions on before you approve them!!!!

    William CampbellWilliam Campbell个月 前
  • wow tech Linus tips made a history-tech news video

    Nassos DimouNassos Dimou个月 前
  • Can I connect a ducky 1 2 mini keyboard to Acer predator triton 500?

    Matt 23Matt 23个月 前

    reko Goolgoreko Goolgo个月 前